Donation News:
03/ 2005 : Aheeyah reopens
01/2005 : Aheeyah closes for donations

If you want to give back to this website, please donate!
All donations will go towards Aheeyah. Extra fund, will go towards the expansion of Aheeyah, projects, or next year's hosting.


Please email me for donation postal address at

Donation options:

mail cash. It can be in whatever currency you wish. I will convert it.

mail cheque. Please make it out to ' Suet Ying Kwan ' in CAD dollars. If you don't live in Canada, don't write me a cheque because I won't be able to get it.

mail money order. These are available for purchase at your local bank, post office, grocery store, some drug stores, gas stations, etc. If you live in Canada, just ask to purchase a 'money order'. If you don't live in Canada, ask for an 'international money order'. If it's your first time, fill it out in front of them so you can ask them to double check that it's correct and ask to make sure that someone who lives in Canada will get it w/o any problems. Please make it out to ' Suet Ying Kwan ' in CAD (Canadian dollars).

paypal. All NON-debit and NON-credit card transfers to account. Debit or credit card transfers to account please.

<- account (NON-debit and NON-credit card transfers)

Please include your forum username and email with donations if you wish to request. I will give you access into LLJ. You must request within one month after I recieve your donation.
Please also include your address in case the mail needs to be returned to the sender.

- Please email me your name and donation amount AFTER you have sent it so I know donations are rolling in
- I will be listing the names of donators on Aheeyah so you will know that I recieved your donation and so you can request. If you are donating by mail, please do not ask to be emailed that I recieved your donation. Please inform me if you do not wish for your name to be listed (or wish to be listed under another name).

Thank you for your help. Anything is appreciated!
Any questions, email me at