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Q: Can I use your lyrics for my website / forum / elsewhere? (Please read this thoroughly!)
ANYONE using lyrics done by an Aheeyah crew or else where stated necessary MUST include credit to the lyric owner AND Aheeyah's website URL (aheeyah.com). For a list of Aheeyah's crew and more detailed information on what proper crediting is, please see the lyrics page.

If you want to use Aheeyah's lyrics for your website, I'd appreciate my link in your links section. If you are using my lyrics for your forum, instead of posting a bunch of posts with Aheeyah's lyrics, I'd appreciate that you just pin a link to my website in the lyrics section of your forum OR start a pinned post of lyrics website and then post my link in there. If your forum doesn't have a specific lyrics section, my link in your links section would be appreciated. If you DO add me, tell me so that I can link exchange with you! I do appreciate knowing where my lyrics go, so if you use my lyrics, I'd appreciate it if you sent me the URL to your website/forum.

Please do not ask me to post lyrics in your forum because it is YOUR forum so YOU can do the work for it by posting in it yourself. Please do not replicate my whole lyrics section or use my lyrics in large amounts in your website or forum (to me, large = anything exceeding around 5 artists). After all, the lyrics ARE from Aheeyah. Logically, you should just refer people here. It is fair to me for the efforts I've put into this website and more useful for your visitors because they can just find what they need here.

Q: Where is the menu?? Where are the lyrics?
A: The menu is next to the pretty boys you see in the graphic above, where it says "home, forums, lyrics, request, fanworks, etc..."

Q: After I request for lyrics, where do I see them?
A: Look at the menu above, click on lyrics > artist name > lyric type (ex: lyrics > JTL > korean). Requests usually take a while to do, please be patient with us.

Q: A lyric is listed, but when I click on it, it doesn't work! What do I do?
A: Make sure you clicked on one of three words "korean, romanization, translation" and not the "K, R, T" in the chart. If you did this, and there is something wrong, or a mix-up, then you may contact us.

Q: Can you please email me my lyric requests?
A: NO! Do you think i'm crazy? I get tons of requests all the time. I cannot personally email every single one of you out there! Please do not ask me to email you your requests, but just check the Home > Updates section to see when it is up.

Q: Maybe you've heard it alot, but your page is really good! How can I thank you for the lyrics?
A: lol, thank you! I can never hear it enough. However, instead of emailing/msn/pm-ing me (although you may do those too lol), please JOIN OUR CONTESTS! Or you could always become a part of this site by translating for Aheeyah ^.^ (see backstage page)

Q: When will you change your layout?
A: When time allows.

Q: Why don't you put up a Download section?
A: When I changed the name of this website from Iyah Lyricals to Aheeyah, I had in mind to make it a general kpop site. But then I look at the ones out there and really, besides the really big and popular ones, they don't look too successful to me. Afterwards, I decided to just keep this site a mainly lyrics website, where I concentrate on getting the most kpop lyrics and be THE lyrics website. If I open any other sections, I will need to divert my attention and the lyrics section will suffer. Maybe one day though, I may open one of these sections when the site is really really big. I am not limiting the site, but I just want to concentrate on its main purpose first. Meanwhile, we do have a some kpop sections that may interest you in our forums.