About these lessons

i. Please read before proceeding

These lessons were maily made so that you can understand Korean entertainment -- songs, dramas, concerts, etc. -- better, but also must contain some everydya life content (vocabulary) when I introduce more advanced grammer, sentence structure, etc. I gaurantee you will catch something taught here one day while watching / listening to some sort of Korean entertainment.

Also note that to get the best of these lessons, you must download the korean font onto your computer (Lesson 2.2). Only lesson 2 does not require the Korean font. It is also best that you do these lessons in the order it is arranged in, although this is not necessary until Lesson 3 and on.

Lessons from this basic section is meant for beginners only. I may add an Intermediate section in the future.

These lessons are under construction. I will try to add to them when I can spare the time. If you would like to see more or have found it helpful, please post in Front Counter Secretary or pm me (frostedsnow) in the forums to tell me or else I would never know!

The lessons here are done by me, although I have used alot of other sources. I do not wish to see a replica of this on ANY website. If you wish to refer to anything here, you can link back to this website. Please respect my efforts.

Happy learning everyone!