- LESSON 1 -
Basic Expressions

1.1 Everyday life (Drama)

The following are all common everyday language. You do not need to worry about anything taught here being too formal. For now you do not need to be able to read Korean. However, as the lessons advance, I will discontinue to provide romanization for the Korean. Two romanization styles are provided, (the first one is the style introduced in Lesson 2), both are equally correct and are there for more accuracy in pronounciation.

[ ] = optional; or often omitted in casual speech with close friends, etc.
Lit. = literally (literal translation)


1) neh Yes (more common)
  yeh Yes
2) 아니오 ah ni oh No
3) 안녕하세요? ahn nyeong ha seh yo? How are you?
    annyounghaseyo? Lit: Are you peaceful ( /well)?
  안녕하세요. ahn nyeong ha seh yo. Hello / Hi (a form of greeting)
    annyounghaseyo. Lit: Please be peaceful ( /well).
4) (name) ...입니다 ... im ni da I am (name)... (formal)
5) [만나서] 반갑습니다 [man na seo] pan gap seub ni da Nice to meet you
    [mannahsuh] pangapsubnida Lit: [Because I met you] I am so glad
6) 감사합니다 kam sa ham ni da Thank you (formal)
  감사해[요] kam sa hae yo Thank you (informal)
7) 고맙습니다 goh map seub ni da Thank you (formal)
  고마워[요] go ma weo [yo] Thank you (informal)
8) 죄송합니다 chwe song ham ni da I am sorry (formal)
   미안해[요] mi ahn hae [yo] I'm sorry; Sorry (informal)
9) 여보세요!  yeo boh seh yo
Hello? (on the phone; peering into dark house)
      Hey there!
      Look here!
10) 누구세요? noo goo seh yo?
Who is it? (when answering a knock on the door)
11) 아니오, 괜찮아요 ah ni oh, kwaen chan nah yo No, thanks; It's alright; It's ok;
    aniyo, kwenchanayo  
  괜찮아[요] kwaen chan nah [yo] It's ok; You're welcome (informal)
    kwenchana [yo]  
      Lit: It's ok / alright, dont you know?
12) 알겠습니다 al get seub ni da I understand (formal)
    algesubnida Lit: I have understood
      (said to your boss / superior in formal setting)
  아랐어[요] ah rat seo [yo] I understand; I got it (informal)
    araso[yo] (said in informal settings to friend, etc.; also used in angry / annoyed manner)
13) 그래요? keu rae yo? Oh, really?; Is that so?
  그래요. keu rae [yo] Really; That's so
14) 사랑해요 sarang hae yo I love you