- LESSON 1 -
Basic Expressions

1.2 Concert

[ ] = optional; may be omitted
Lit. = literally (literal translation)
Ex. = example (for example)
* = notice 의 is romanized as 'eui' but often pronounced as 'eh' (similar to '에')


1) 안녕하세요!
(group name)입니다!
ahn nyeong ha seh yo!
(group name) ...im ni da!
Hello! We are (group name)!
      Ex: Hello! We are Shinhwa!
(group name)의 (name) 입니다!
ahn nyeong ha se yo!
(group name)eui* (name) im ni da!
Hello! I am (g.name)'s (name)! /
Hello! I am (name) from (g.name)!
(group name)eh (name) imnida!
Ex: Hello! I am Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo!
2) 다 같이 [불러요]! ta kat chi [pool reoh yo]! Let's [sing] together!
    takatchi [puroyo]! Lit: All together [sing]!
3) 하[나], 둘, 셋 ! ha[na], tool, set One, two, three!
    ha[na], dul, set (counting off; works the same way as you would say it in English)
4) 어때요? eo ddae yo?

How is it?

    odeyo (How is our singing/performance?)