Style Variation

What has been previously taught is not the only way to romanize. There IS in fact no definite romanization system for Korean. I know, its fusturating. I chose to teach this particular style because it was the first style I learned. The fact that it is in seperate syllables is also, I think, easier for beginners to pick up. However, no system is better than the other. You can even make up your own style (as long as its accurate)! Because there are so many styles, I have given some examples below. However, I will not re-teach it. If you are a beginner, you shouldn't be confusing yourself with this yet anyways. And if you are not a beginner, you could easily adapt these styles because, in the end, they are all romanizations of the same language.

*Note: the classification / name of these styles are just made up by me. 
The style I taught would be 'Extended'


Excerpt from:
Lee JiHoon 4.5

04. My Romance 

너 없이는 힘들 것 같다고
아무리 애원을 해봐도
볼수 없었던 너의 차가운
시선만 느껴질 뿐

이제까지 너에게 해주지 못했던
그 모든게 또다시 생각나
돌아서면 잊을거라고
그렇게 믿고 싶었었는

(Style : Compact)

04. My Romance
romanization by: Sabby ~NBK~

No obshinun himdul god gathdago
amuri ewonul hebwado
bol su obsodon noui chagaun
shisonman nukyojilpun

ijekaji noege hejuji mothedon
gu modunge todashi senggagna
dorasomyon ijulgorago
gurohge midgo shiphossonunde


Excerpt from:
Dong Bang Shin Gi 1

01. 믿어요 

믿어요 첫눈에 반한다는 말을 믿어요 
그대에겐 아니라고 말했지만
나를 경솔하게 바라볼까봐 
감춰왔을 뿐이죠

(Style : Semi-compact)

01. mideoyo
romanization by: Abby

mideoyo cheotnune banhandaneun mareul mideoyo 
geudaeegen anirago malhaetjiman
nareul gyeongsolhage barabolkkabwa 
gamchwowasseul ppunijyo


(excerpt from same song)

01. 믿어요

사랑은 가슴이 메일 듯한 설레임처럼
그렇게 숨 막히는 그리움처럼

항상 변함없는 시선을 줘요 언제나 지금처럼

조금만 내가 마음을 놓을 수 있을 만큼만
그대를 바라볼 수 있을 만큼만
나의 가까이에 머무른다면 한없이 기쁘겠죠

(Style : Semi-compact; Linguistically-distinctive)

01. meeduyo
romanization by: Shelly

sarangeun kaseumee me-eel teut'an sulle-eemchurum
keuruk'e soom mak'eeneun keureeoomchurum

hangsang pyunhamupneun sheesuneul jwuyo unjena jeegeumchurum

jogeumman naega maeumeul noeul soo eesseul mank'eumman
keudaereul parabol soo eesseul mank'eumman
na-eh kakkaee-e mumooreundamyun hanupshee keeppeugettjyo