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02. missing you
translation by: gyool

Even if I tell myself that right now, its not like before
Even if you forget me completely,
Even if I am just a person that just went by
Tonight is just one night
Just like before I lost you

My heart wants to find you again
Why is it lingering like this?
I cant accept myself without you
Tonight is just one night
Just like before I lost you

*Please listen to my heart just once
Everyday every night i am missing you
Even if you are not by my side,
Even if I cant see you now,
In my heart, you are always the same

My heart that wants you again,
Why is it lingering like this?
I cant actually realize that I dont have you
Tonight is just one night
Just like before I lost you

repeat *

I dont expect you to come back again
My heart is always trapped inside of yours

Please listen to my heart just once
(To me who cant see you)
Everyday everynight I am missing you
Even if you are not by my side
Even if I cant see you now,
My heart is always..
because Im loving you and missing you

repeat *

To me, you are always the same

03. han
translation by: gyool

When I fall asleep, I might not awake
It feels like I cant feel any pain
And so this night, until the white dawn comes,
I will only think one thought

The white blinding face,
You sing a song for me
When you tuck me in under a square shaped blanket
Even the world cant not fall asleep

*You are already someone elses girl (Im just the way I am)
You seem so happy (Im a person you dont know)
My sadness becomes the ocean,
Then it becomes the rain
And it soaks your hair

You left so quickly
It seemed like you got on a train
You left me one word
That we arent going to happen

On the white blinding face,
you were touching your lips to another person
My remaining love may end
I want to tell you to give me some time

(* Repeat)

The words that I didnt finish telling you
They are overwhelming my heart right now
Im a person who lacks so much
And I know that is why you left
Why didnt you tell me?

Just as much as I was in pain,
I withstand it better than before
Because I can see you.
Please dont let go of my love
Because that is all my everything

(* Repeat)

I am falling asleep
To a place without you..
With you..

04. seub gwan
translation by: gyool

Why is a woman like you such a deep habit?
No matter how much I try to stop
Its like a thorn pricking deeper in

Even if I will I cry as my eyes get puffy
I look at your picture in the end
In a deep place in my heart,
Your appearance spreads widely like poison

*As I think of you more and more,
I know that my heart will ache more and more but
In the end I cant hold back my thoughts
And I remember you and once again I crumble
Now I cant love anyone else other than you
My heart has been used to being yours

Im sorry for being like this
Forgive me for only being this way
Those last words that you left me,
I listen to them countlessly

I can only go through a day
If I listen to your voice like this
And when I do listen to your voice
Your appearance floats up like crazy
And its all tears from then


I cant turn it back now
Its too late to do that now
I cant end it before my breath stops, I cant
Now I cant love anyone else other than you
My heart has been used to being yours (x2)

05. 2 Become 1
translation by: gyool

Narration) Hey Girl, It's hard to explain what I'm feelin' inside
So, Just close your eyes and listen..

I told myself that there were no such things as miracles
Before I knew you, my thoughts were so immature
The thought that I believed that time could take away love
It had no use on us both at all

*One, Can you believe that the two became one?
You came inside of me and I became a different me
Two, its two for one
We are walking towards the same place
To a world called forever

Sometimes I made you struggle
Saying that my heart isnt perfect
Saying that feelings change sometimes
Hoo--I know, the love that you give me
It is all truthful. Im sorry,
I will believe now, the endless love

(* Repeat)

Yesterday, I worked very hard all day
And I just fell asleep
At dawn, I missed you so I opened my eyes
When you found me, I told myself that dreams come true

One, You, who is like an angel is the one and only star
When I am lost, you help me find the way
Two, its two people who have the same heart
When I was in pain, you were also in pain

(* Repeat)

06. Magic Song
translation by: gyool

For many nights, you held so many small concerts
inside my headphones singing about love and separation.
I memorized your many songs
(Baby I would never know what it's about)
Even if I dont understand them very well
(Maybe, there is something about your music)
It seemed like my story so again tonight,
Before bed, with an exhausted heart I put on my headphones

* Press play Sing me my song
With my tear stained pillow,
Help me to soothe my heart that cannot fall asleep
Those songs, its magic that only you can do

In our meets with her, your songs were a lot of help to me
Within the many songs, my favorite song was about a farewell
(Tell me, how does it feel to break up)
Even if I dont understand very well
(Let me, know what your song is about)
Though I think I know what it means today
So I get on my small bed and before sleep finds me,
I put on my headphones and..

(* Repeat)

I broke up with her today
In your song, that pain in the heart
and that frustration, was that what is was all about?
I cant take it...

(* Repeat)

07. Still
translation by: gyool

The precious memories in me
In which I cant hesitate any longer...
Suddenly, tears fall from the thoughts of you

*The times with you that I wanted to hold onto
They make me struggle so much
Help me, so that I can let you go

** Can't believe I was blind but you're still in my heart
Just as much tears you are sheding
Sorry I made you cry Thinking of you at times
I will miss you, forever

I will probably forget about you little by little...
Those memories I had with you..
Suddenly tears fall from the thoughts of you

(*, ** Repeat)

Even if your heart hurts trying to forget me,
Even if its so exhausting
I will get to forget you little by little
Even the warmth of your body, even your eyes
Hurts deep inside

(** Repeat x 2)

08. Only One
translation by: gyool

Narration) I just wanna make you mine Girl just stay with me tonight

Those days when someone was by you
And we easily met and separated
Those days that were more comfortable when you were just alone
My heart that believed that there is
no other person more precious than me
And believed that I cant love anyone else
Inside my heart that thought that way...

Like a lie, even if I just looked at you
As I look at you who was such a good person for me
I prayed that we would be forever

*You accepted my heart
And when I hurt you,
(Girl wont you stay)
It was because it was my first time
And I didnt know how to protect that love
As time went by, the person that helped me to know love
(I need your love) Your the only love that I've ever known
The person that is so precious to me...

I hope that you only look at me
Because of my greed of hoping
That you would go along with me

I made you cry with hurtful words every night
Im sorry, with an explaination of love
I hid my faults

(* Repeat)

Now I became a different person for you
So that I can get a little loser
So that I dont have to be shy anymore

Even if I am exhausted by waiting for you
(Girl wont you stay) Just like the day
When I first promised my love, I didnt change
As I loved you, I got to know your sadness
(I need you babe) I will keep it in my heart
So that you will be happy

Because I love you

09. Good To You
translation by: gyool

A man in this world aint got much
First he got his word Then he got his love
Let me tell you about my love - Like this

I wait everyday for the morning and
After I met her, everything changed and I like it
When the time comes to meet her

*Like a fool, I lose my heart
I will give you everything you want
You became a great light in my life
Im only good to you
I love you so much that you wont be able to replace me
And I thank you, praying all day

The clear smile is her charm
I dont ever hide my feelings
Shes like a gift to me
I can only see her, Im like that
I can feel that she loves me
Its sad to see this night pass, I cant take it

repeat *

She is so valuable to me, its the truth
She is such a perfect girl
Yes~ I will do well...
If she wants a moon, thats fine because I will become one

Yea~ It's about to jump off Here, Dim the lights real soft
Make yourself at home. Let me unplug the phone
What's mine is yours Whats yours is mine
Cause tonight everything is right Set it on wings 0-
Let is take flight
We could find a way Lets castaway

repeat * (2x)

10. You
translation by: gyool

I want everyone out there who has someone special in their lives
to say how much you care and how much you need them by your side
So I would like to dedicate this songs This one's for you

You, I look at your appearance that is filling up my eye
You, When I close my eyes, I still see you

Every road that I walk as I hold your hand,
The reason why the sunlight smiles upon us
And the gentle breeze blows over us is
Because the happiness from the depth of my heart
Is being told all over the world

*You! You are the sunlight in my life today
Loving you is something that loves me back
It is something that promises that I am different

It is something that protects

You, As you are in my arms,
tilt your ears and feel me
You, When my heart gets too full,
I am sincerely wanting your everything

Even after I send you home,
The reason why II stand there for a long time
and cant go back easily is because
My footsteps are sad and I miss you again

repeat *
You are in front of me right now, I thank you so much

I believed that there was no forever till now
Just as the sunset dyes red,
I am afraid that I will lose you..
You who is soaking into me

You! You are the sunlight in my life today
You, who loves me, you gave me meaning in my life
Just receive next to me, you can do that
Because you made me born again

11. My Love
translation by: gyool

The appearance that is reflecting off my eyes looks so sad
Dont turn away from me, look at me
I dont know the reason why we are breaking up but
I know you are struggling right now

*My love, just as many days we were happy,
There will be more days of pain in the future but

Believe in me, just as much as I believe in you
Because the words of farewell,
They are so painful to me My love

I cant do anything, I can only sit empty headed
I am a fool to your one word
I cant turn my love away just by you saying that you hate me
I think I know your heart too

repeat *

**Believe in me, just as much as I believe in you
Because the words of farewell,
They are so painful to me
Please bear it a little longer
I have the confidence to make you happy now
I only need you in my life My love

No matter how small your voice is
I still hear it and I wake up
Even your short small whispers
They are reasons to live My love

repeat **

12. Im Gonna
translations by: eebyul (also credit:

(Z-fact 'ey girl what you doin' tonight?
Maybe we could um... you know. Now feel this song)

Feel my breath and my heart
This night is passing but this is a time where I dont want to easily let you go

Will you hold me tight so that you can feel me more?
I want to give only to you, my careful heart

*Even if Im not by my side all the time,
I always want to stay inside of you who is so beautiful
I will stay in a place where I can give you everything

Even your littlest movements~
(oh baby I really want you bad, you're the best that I've ever had)
Lean against me and put everything in me
(I love the things that you do for me, girl you're so freaky)
I will tell you, I will promise you, till the end I will watch over you

*Even if Im not by my side all the time,
I always want to stay inside of you who is so beautiful
I will stay in a place where I can give you everything (2x)

Dont be lonesome anymore, look at me, come to me
I am here, dont ever leave again, dont leave me alone

*Even if Im not by my side all the time,
I always want to stay inside of you who is so beautiful
I will stay in a place where I can give you everything (2x)