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01. The Day Love was Complete (Narration by Kim DongYoon & Lee SeEun)

02. Free
translation by: Goro-chan (FFL Lyrics Forum)

Now I'll erase it all and just look forward
I won't look back, I'll just look ahead
The memory of all the old sadness
It will come to burn in flames from inside me
I will start

Everything seems a little strange
But it'll be alright if I just take it slowly
Things that always worried me
In the end how much are they to me? How far can I go?
I look for the answer to what I'm worth

Even if I fly as light as a feather
My new start is for the new day
This new world is so precious if we are together

Well, it is completely new, I will make a new start
Well, it is completely on luck, I will only look ahead
I will finally put the past behind me
I'll depart on a new path and forget all the old stuff
A heavy burden seemed to press down on me for a long while
I was already so tired
Now when I open my eyes everything seems so right
I feel like my heart was blocked up but has now been cleared
Today I make a fresh start to my life

All the past has now been covered with white paint
I want to show off the new picture that I draw
When I have trouble deciding things my heart aches
So let's make a new start from today I'll be blindly busy
I'll empty out my mind and throw away the trash
I'll empty it and make a clean start now, a brand new start
Put away the heavy hardships I lived with
When I want to give up I'll dream a new dream
I'll put a lid on my temper and try once more again
A powerful pull of my fate's cord

Even if I fly as light as a feather
My new start is for the new day
This new world is so precious if we are together
So precious if we are together

This new start is just one more thing to devote myself to
This is just the start line here
So many memories of me crying during that time
Deep in my heart there's pain
So many scars that come and go with women
My life is lonely and cheerless
My life is like Clementine
But I'll make a new start, forget all those memories
I'm soaring now, I believe I'm free to change my destiny
My dark life is now bright
Now I'll change everything in my future
Don't say I don't have a powerful fighting force
From now, now I'm making a new start
A new start
A new start
A new start

03. Circle of Love
translation by: Goro-chan (FFL Lyrics Forum)

(Love, joy, separation, sorrow, loneliness, hate, waiting and deletion)

Maybe it is always the same like this, wherever we are in the world
Why does love hurt?
All of us always take care not to be hurt in the end
Love is the same, just the people are different
The break-up is the same, it just seems like it isn't
Until finally it ends in the obvious scenario
Always all that remains is just tears
And so we start again, we are animals of forgetfulness

At first, we start like this but
Now this happiness won't suit us
We won't have it until the end of our lives
It is the same everywhere
Just ask the people who have separated
I knew we'd break up from the start
We may go 100 lifetimes and it'll happen 100 times
Think about it, we've started
Answer me, and I'll believe that this is real

One, wherever you are in the world
Two, love is always a battle
Three, these traces when it ends
Four, so painful
Five, our chest is hurt and scarred
Six, and then its time for the remix
Seven, you look for another person
Eight, another romantic date
(Love, joy, separation, sorrow, loneliness, hate, waiting and deletion)

The people who have fallen into happiness now
And the people who are preparing their break-up speeches
The tears of the people who have to listen to those words
And the people who turn to a new person after hearing those words
Look at the happy faces, wherever you go in the world
See that love is all the same, the same!
We'll meet, break-up, be sad, yearn and die
We'll forget about it soon and go looking for a new love
When ultimately we look carefully
The circle of love is continuous

Wherever we are the program doesn't change
It is just re-runs in different languages
I stare and see it is all exactly the same
Everything may happen in that way
You and me, before and now, bigger and harder
Even if we don't have much money, the circle can't be avoided
There are so many tears in the world
There is so much love in the world
There are so many break-ups in the world

* Repeat

No matter what you do
I hate to believe, I know
Wherever and with whoever, love is all the same
In the end there are tears, all the memories, those proposals
The scars remain deeper when you try to be happy

* Repeat

The circle of love
Yeah, the circle of love

04. The Reason Why Opposites Attract
translation by: Goro-chan (FFL Lyrics Forum)

How can two people can be this different from each other?
They are the complete opposite in every way
When they are together for some reason it is so good

Whatever it is that they do
Something makes the world lean this way
Why in the world do men always act this way?
Even though it is annoying for everyone else
It'll be alright but it takes nerve to see and say
No, they don't mean to stare
Even so, from the inside they quietly know
Like this, there was me and another person
Another person from the top of their head to the tips of their toes
You saw it from the beginning and then I came to see
I was surprised, it was really wonderful
It was okay to look at something different from me
But when you look at me...
Why do you sometimes look at me?

It seems like we can be in love
Even though we are so different from each other
Love is so mysterious
We live and wonder whether it'll come or not, that's love
We seem close, its not just in my dreams
We make each other laugh
I think I'm happy whenever I'm with you
It seem like it is love

When I look at you darkly I don't understand
I was allowed the good path, so why did I choose the bad path
I should have understood that you're so different from me
So why is it good for me to see you?
There's not a single part of us that is the same shade of color
I lived my life trying to avoid people like you
So why is it that I can't bring myself to hate you?
To you something is strange

Opposites attract more because you're different from me
Because from the start we were not alike
There's not a thing that's correct
So every single day we only quarrel
I don't understand why I always miss you
I seem to be falling,
I seem to gradually be giving my heart to you
I don't know how, but you opened my heart
I rejoice because you come back and vow to be with me constantly

* Repeat

These two people are so different from each other
They are the complete opposite in every way
So why is everything so good whenever they're together?

* Repeat

05. Familiar Strangers
translation by: Goro-chan (FFL Lyrics Forum)

They met quite by accident, but now their fates are tied
Their two destinies seemed caught up in each other
Before they knew it, they had opened their heart
So, even though its a bit strange, after this I won't think you're weird
I won't hate you like that old gap between us
Strangely this weirdness will be normal
It's a bit strange, but nothing I do for you will be annoying

I didn't know that I seemed to be falling for you either
Sometimes I caught just a glimpse of you

We won't ask each other many questions
Though we know nothing about each other
"Where's your house? Where were you born?"
I don't know if it is enough, but already you're coming closer
We may not know anything about each other
I couldn't think of what to say first to you
So I pretended that I didn't even know your name
When our eyes met I wanted to say something
Because I didn't know what to think at that time
I said I wanted to know what makes you cry
I don't even know the name of the person I'm looking at
So what in the world made them click like this?

* Repeat x 2

It¡¯s the way you talk
It¡¯s the way you walk the way you make me feel
It is everything you do that makes me fall for you
I feel the same as you, your feelings
If you ask me then I'll stay with you often
I don't know you, so why do I keep wanting to be with you?
It may seem strange, but I keep wanting to be with you

* Repeat x 2

06. Loving You
translation by: Goro-chan (FFL Lyrics Forum)

(It seems like I love you)

When I look at you my heart races
When you speak I don't hear you perfectly
When I look in your eyes I'm hypnotised
You're taken over my senses
I don't listen, I just stare stupidly at your beauty
The only person for you is me
The things we made caused me to be this way
Maybe I like you, I like you a lot
My heart just wants to be with you sometimes
From first thing in the morning and all day long
I just think I met you, but it is real!
Everything will leave if I smile and continue to be single
Everything just looks so pretty
Your face is stamped on my eyes
Beautiful music fills my ears
I'm so happy to be with you that my heart is light
I feel like I'm flying through space
It seems like the whole day is enjoyable
I'm already your property
Why are you worried? This won't end
The most important words, the words I want to say
I'm a fool, the words of "I love you"

I'm happy because it seems I'm falling in love with you
I seem to love you more as the day goes on
Everyday all I do is think of you
I can't help smiling when I run to you

Maybe you'll always be this to me
All the girls I meet do this
What do you see in my wondering eyes?
What does my gaze say to you when you look up at me?
Your gaze does not lie
Even if you lips can, in your eyes you can't
Don't worry, just let you heart fall for me
It is really alright, I won't be hurt, so come and hug me
Is this a dream?
I am happy, maybe for a while I'm touched
Sometimes I'm frightened of my feelings
Sometimes I want to touch you
I want to feel that it is not a dream, I can't let it go

* Repeat

Is There Anything That You Want Me To Do For You
Baby I¡¯m So In Love And This Is All Because Of You
I will do everything for you, everything
I will lose everything because of what you do to me
Cause I Love You Cause I Love You

* Repeat x2

07. Tonight
translation by: jisun (also credit: aheeyah.com)

I waited so long for this night
Just you and me finally listen it’s gonna be special
Only you and I, the two of us
With a pretty candle lit between us
When the dim light shines on you
We will talk about many things, and I will look at only you
I will faithfully stay up all night
Until the bright morning comes
All though the night In your eyes
Shining bright My bright presence
Alright Looking so happy
This is the night Today this moment
Hold me tight You breath
So right If the time had stopped here

Tonight give me your heart I will give you my all
And treat me right I promise you that
Inside your heart I will earnestly
Tonight I need you around When you need me
When I an down When you're tired and weary
I need you to hold I will hold you my baby

Its not the end yet, listen to what I have to say more
When you open the door I will turn on the music
You will become happy listening to my song that you like so much
Forgetting all the tiresome events at that time
When the sweet wine is in your mouth
I will steal your pretty lips away
All though the night Above our heads
shining bright the shining stars
Alright You look so pretty tonight
This is the night at this moment
Hold me tight hold on to me
So right I won't let you go anymore

Tonight give me your heart I will give you my all
And treat me right I promise you that
Inside your heart I will earnestly
Tonight I need you around When you need me
When I an down When you're tired and weary
I need you to hold I will hold you my baby

Why I haven't known until now what is more important to me
When I forgot you, there became no meaning in my life
tonight its real this time there is no meaning this time
A big house on top of a hill, an awesome car, riding a white yacht going to Guam
And an expensive watch and clothes from Bahama are all bothersome
I know now that the only thing you need is me

Tonight give me your heart I will give you my all
And treat me right I promise you that
Inside your heart I will earnestly

In my heart you are the one

Tonight I need you around When you need me
When I an down When you're tired and weary
I need you to hold I will hold you my baby

08. You Totally Mustn't! (Featuring Kim JinPyo)
translation by: Goro-chan (FFL Lyrics Forum)

This love won't be absolute, not absolute
It won't happen before I am dead and buried
I can't tolerate this, can't stand it!
Before I get hurt by the break-up later

She came with me from somewhere
It seems like I can see all your mind & pink heart
Wrinkled t-shirt, face covered in black make-up
Even if it isn't that, from the outside we see
Your eyes, nose, mouth, ears are all pierced
Don't you have any parents?
So how will you learn?
Stopped going to school and harbor bitterness towards the world
You can't become anything without some degree of intelligence
Listen to my words and yeah, come and hold my face
How did I come to raise you this way? I can't do this.
No matter how much it rains in my heart, I can't do that.
When I try to erase her, it isn't perfect
Marriage and children have become keywords for me
She is a disease spreading through me
Sadness is for a moment, just a small thing
Like an injection it is just a moment's prick
And then all the pain disappears

* Repeat

The flower will bloom just like that KIL
Don't wait around expecting someone else to do it for you
Listen to my words and do what you have to do
If you don't, in the end it'll scar you
Think a second time for youself
Is it love or just a moment of desire?
Love can be cruel, but she can't
Listen to my words, I'm someone who has more life experience than you
Now I'll tell her to have courage and please leave me in this way
Please go anywhere, what people say is totally correct
The words of love and everything are in your face
You'll know what I say and leave the chair empty
Love always leaves a scar, UH!
I must avoid her, we must break-up
She needs a host for her craziness

* Repeat

Is this the end of the world?
Are you just a nut? Huh?
Are you crazy? Huh?
Wake up! Hey!
What's gonna happen? Choose: your family or me?
Promise me here that you won't see me again
We are living together
Answer me, hey! My feelings are confused too
Although I'd rather not admit it, I cheated on you too
I can't take any more of this awful cheating in my life
I hate to hear it as I know we won't change our answers
I know how to do but I won't

09. Lets Not Seperate
translation by: super (also credit: aheeyah.com)

You should of told me never to do it
Its just that we are both too young to know
If another person's examples are pushed in front of us
Why the right answer for is break up
So many talkative people that face us
Cold, pitiful looks that come from people who point fingers at us
If its to say that knowing oneself's road is the only road
Pray that we will snap out of this

If the crime isn't by the crimnal then its a madman
Or a crippled idiot who hasn't completely fallen apart
A criminal, a crippled idiot... fine, if love is a crime, then I am love's crippled idiot
If its such criticisms then no matter how many, I will be patient
If you hold me tightly from behind
Then I'll block away all your troubles
With all intentions, I'll defy them all

I don't want anything (If its not you)
I will do everything (If they forbid us)
A fate that has been burdened upon us (Lets not grow weary and win)
You are my only thing (If I dont have you...)
The wind beneath my wings (Unable to fly...)
I won't be able to love again (So I pray that we will endure through this)

Telling us to stop Because of our age stop
Problems at home stop Because of religion stop Because of money stop
Things that irritate, what are they?
Things that are put before love, frustrations
Saying that love has no borders or walls
Such reasons become every reason
Now I can't even say I love you to anyone
Please don't forbid this love, don't dry to stop it
Just love eachother happily, just us together so I can picture a rainbow
Help me, push me, instead of interfering
For any reason instead, congratulations, be happy.
If thats not it, I told you before, that is my best words

* Repeat

I hope that we won't regret the time thats been spent
No matter how hard, lets not break up

It can be and it can't be, one thing or another
A person who likes to talk, a person who clings on
Its right, it wrong, hearing another person's example
A person who constantly compares, a person who criticizes
Why they are like that, and with what standards
That such love can work, and others can't
Love that has such requirements thats needed
Why a certain love is oneself's taboo

The reason it cannot work, is it really right?
Or is is the way we've learned and lived is different...
If its uncomfortable, then lets think about it
Taking love like this as it hurts
You won't know if I will come to the same place
You dont know a person's business

* Repeat

I hope that we won't regret the time thats been spent
No matter how hard, lets not break up

10. When Love Becomes Troublesome (Feauring Lim JeongHee)
translation by: super (also credit: aheeyah.com)

I just escaped out of this bird cage
Unnoticably, in another cage, I had escaped from this prison
Unnoticably in another bird cage...
The bird cage was the world and the world was that bird cage
Or the prison was the exterior and the exterior was the prison...
Eventually escaping wasn't escaping, freedom I obtained wasn't freedom
This frustration was my wall but that wall helped me to live
Standing there carrying this heavy burden called love
It was harder than I thought
No matter how loving was difficult, I always imagined that I could endure it
Waking up and facing this fantasy, made me long for it
What do I do now? Sinking in this ship, do I have to turn this boat?
Its so far, the dreams, the fantasies... the name of love that is like art
But again, little by little I let go
The way we happily laughed, you and I... again, it slowly fades away

If its this difficult, if we fight like this, then it would've worn out
Little by little we get hurt, little by litte we would grow apart and seperate
Send her away, let her go... don't be so greedy, if you love her let her go
Because I wanted to avoid nasty remarks, I eventually let you go
Forget her, erase everything, and wish for happiness
Even when its difficult, I have to be patient, but that pain hasn't stopped
I can't go back to those problems, because I have chosen this
That if we were to remain with what we have left, then I would've turned away

Because we love eachother, even the seperation, if we didn't have to part I would've tried
But this love, it must not be strong
Already it sets on,and what I had believed for you
All that I could endure just collapses
Anyways its okay, it wears out, little by little
Our dreams become broken, I feel like I will go crazy
I want to give up everything now, this love that I always longed for...
A heart that is packed with beautiful flowers, it all withers away now
The shade that grows continuously, makes me long for the sunlight
I'm sorry, I miss you, I feel like dying
If its this difficult, if we fight like this, then it would've worn out
Little by little we get hurt, little by litte we would grow apart and seperate
No matter how pretty, no matter how strong the love, if it becomes difficult, then it probaby crushes
If all I have is love, then believing I can win anything must be a dream
If its this difficult, if we fight like this, then it would've worn out
Little by little we get hurt, little by litte we would grow apart and seperate
If its this difficult, if we fight like this, then it would've worn out
Little by little we get hurt, little by litte we would grow apart and seperate
If its this difficult, if we fight like this, then it would've worn out
Little by little we get hurt, little by litte we would grow apart and seperate

11. The Painful Longing is Worse than the Break-up
translation by: Goro-chan (FFL Lyrics Forum)

Now I feel like I can see everything
How much I loved you
Because you were so close
I didn't see how special it was

What am I to do? I'm too late
You've already gone, now I'm shattered
I thought you were coming, but you'd already left
I'll go crazy if you don't come here
Because I miss you so much
If you go and leave me like this, what should I do?
I'm a fool! Why do I make my decision through your heart?
It is because I love you, I want you
I am with you, that's it

Ah~ Worse than the break-up is the pain of yearning
Ah~ Now these feelings of losing you
It seems like you'll come back, I wandered around looking for you
Everything should've been where you were
We should've met, there's something I had to say
I left you and ruined everything

It was really special, such a dear and noble love
Now it seems like there's no turning back, no meeting again
Because it was so hard up till the end
It seemed like we couldn't go and throw it away
We didn't know a thing!
We had to break-up, we absolutely shouldn't have had to
In the end I found you with difficulty, but now you're not here
We should be together for even just one minute longer
Really we should be together for one more minute

Ah~ Worse than the break-up is the pain of longing
Ah~ Now these feelings of losing you
Ah~ Worse than the break-up is the pain of longing
Ah~ Now these feelings, this sadness of losing you

Love that is true, love that comes just once in a lifetime
That love won't be able to satisfy through another love
And that is what you did for me
Things that no one else could do for me
Instead of you in that chair there is a great emptiness

You can make me happy
You are by far more than me
If you're to meet a good person
I'd think more about you than anything else
What in the world is it that I want?
What is is that makes me happy?
Why do I avoid it, it is obviously you!

* Repeat

12. In The Corner
translation by: Goro-chan (FFL Lyrics Forum)

It seems like you see me as you pass by
I walk down that road without thinking
That voice is just so familiar
It seems to be calling my name

If I look back I feel like you'll be standing there
I miss that face so much
I ask you just to smile for me
I am still alone

My memories are still in the corner
They continue to be hidden away
How am I supposed to love someone else?
Don't say that, I won't do that
In your heart you leave
All those memories of you and I
When we are left with these memories they seem beautiful
Those memories in my heart are still of love

I thought you were the person I loved
I like to see that big smile on your face
But I keep crying
Why do you ask these words?

* Repeat

To your words of "goodbye"
I can't say anything
Then I send you away smiling
At that time I already knew
That I would be eternally single
You're the only one for me

* Repeat

13. Normal Day
translation by: Jungie (also credit: aheeyah.com)

It's morning and I wake up. I open the windows and breathe in the refreshing air.
I get ready to go out and with a cup of hot coffee I head to the buses.
From the radio that's become so accoustomed to my ear, I hear of the world's matters and the days starts again.
And so I welcome the sunshine that shines so gorgously.

oh, what am I do to? I'm living on with you forgotten. Oh I'm sorry. I must be okay already. I thought that this would be a love I couldn't forget but I've forgetting suddenly.

I don't know how the day has passed but when the sun comes down my friends call and tell me to come out.
We talk about our day, work, and dates with new girls we've met. We check out girls and as we watch the games on TV we bet with all we have.
Not even knowing how the time has passed, I come back after such exhaustion and it's suddenly dawn.
As I think about the stuff that we talked about today I laugh. As I laugh and lay down, I fall a sleep.

oh, what am I do to? I'm living on with you forgotten. Oh I'm sorry. I must be okay already. I thought that this would be a love I couldn't forget but I've forgetting suddenly.

Even if I hear out song I don't cry and even I hear news of you, I smile.

I'm okay, right? It's okay for me to erase you who's thrown me away, right?

But why does it seem that it's not right?

I'm Sorry for forgetting you so easily like this. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to keep my promises.
But because it was so hard, I couldn't treasure you and live any longer. Forgive me of the promise that I'd love you for forever, of the promises I put on your back. The last day, I cried alone and said that I would always treasure you in my heart until the day I die. It hasn't been long since I've made that descision but I've already erased you and you're going to hate me for it.
That's right, It's me who's broken all the promises. So I'm asking for forgiveness. I, too, don't like this kind of me.
I've even forgotten the memories that have forgotten you as if it was nothing. As if I had never loved you.
(it's a normal day, suddenly)



--- same song, another translated version



13. Ordinary Day
translation by: Goro-chan (FFL Lyrics Forum)

I wake up in the morning and open the window
I get ready by breathing in the fresh air
In one hand I have a cup of hot coffee
I pack myself onto the crowded bus

From the familiar sound of the radio
I hear the enjoyment of people in the world
As I listen another day starts
The sunlight is so splendid that I rejoice

Oh, what am I to do? I must live and forget about you
Oh, I'm sorry, its seems like I'm doing okay already
I thought it was a love which I couldn't forget
But I'll forget, somehow...

I don't know how the day will go
When it gets dark my friend calls me up
We talk of how we spent the day, of work
We talk of the new girls we met, funny stories
The girls we look at who have gone too far
The sports match shown on TV
Those who risk their lives and gamble their dinner money
Time passes enjoyably as we tire ourselves out making noise
And somehow it is 2 AM and we have to sleep
The things I talk of with my friends today
Whenever I think of them I smile
I lie down smiling and fall asleep

* Repeat

Even when I hear our song I don't cry
Even when I hear news about you I smile
It is alright, I'll even forget that you left me
So why is it that I just can't seem to do that?

I'm sorry for forgetting you so easily
I'm sorry for not being able to do what I had said
But because it was so much tougher on you
I couldn't live holding on to that, forgive me
I promised our love would last forever
I vowed those words as you turned your back on me
In the end I'm left alone and I live again
You are in my mind until the day ends
No matter how much I came to cherish this decision
I would really hate it if you were to delete all of me
Yeah, I really promised you many things
And I also hate the way I forgave you
I forgot the memory of forgetting you
As if nothing happened, as if I've never been in love

It's an ordinary day, somehow...

14. Promise (Narration by Kang KyungHon)
translation by: Goro-chan (FFL Lyrics Forum)

We promise it'll be the two of us again
This hand you're holding, I absolutely can't let it go
We swear, no matter what happens
When we break-up, we must not forget these feelings

I got rid of you because I didn't know love, so I didn't know how to love
I lost you beacuse I was so young that I didn't know what was important

How in the world am I supposed to hug you again?
Why did the heavens completely remove you from me?
This precious opportunity won't come to me once more
Why are we like the number 8 crossing each others' paths and meeting again?
One love that crosses the path of life and death
We just cannot know the reason why it is reborn
The heavens bring us closer
And send both of us the message that we'll be together forever

* Repeat

I knew it could all end, I was so scared
I didn't have any confidence
Confidence to live, confidence to be happy
The confidence that I could smile without you in my life

Because of our young age there was a small gap between us
The small aches crept into broken dreams
Now these dreams again
These feelings now of holding you in my arms
This great joy will make us forget about all the pain and sadness
Now I am holding this hand
Even if you leave me I won't be completely free
I can see a lovely smile
It won't escape from before my eyes again
If you are sent away, then it won't be by me
Now I know so well how precious you are
Look at me, don't worry (I won't worry) it is good

* Repeat

15. The Day Love Really Hurt (Narration By Kim DongYoon)

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