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1. I pray 4 U

translated by: JiJi (from: lemonjjangoo)

I closed my eyes for a moment and thought
our promise made long ago
because I was young I didn't know the meaning of breaking up,
your tears, or your beautiful heart.

You, some one so precious told me with sad eyes,
you'll wait for me in this place where it will become the memory in our minds.

** I pray 4 U my memories of love,
where would you be right now
I'm waiting for you as I was with innocent heart.
I wish 4 U the words I couldn't say, I can say it now
I hope to someday meet you once again I pray 4 U

(Rap) From a day one to the night,
all day everyday let me tell you what I talk about.
Everybody wanna take chips, yall gon' fake this.
Run'em out, baby girl check 1,2.
Yes I want you, and I never gon' hurt you,
mean it for sure (follow me) never tell a lie,
and I die for you,
everything a nigga touch like spark it.

2. My image that has changed alot
doesn't seem like it used to be making us scared
I didn't know the impossibility of not being forever, the heartache,
and the heart that loved.

Would you have changed too
you who seemed like a fairy
If there was one thing that didn't change, it would be the belief we will someday meet again.

** (Repeat)

I wonder if it's too late, if you are alright
When I get worried I pray for you
How many times I have to cry
How many ways I have to try
would you have forgotten tell me why

** (Repeat)X2

(Rap) It's okay, I'm right here, Don't take it hard alone
you always hurt on your own
leaving me hurting me damn,
come back to me, I will be standing right here

02. Perfect Man
translated by: JiJi (from: lemonjjangoo)

Yeah-, Uh- I'll only know of you even if my breath ends 'Cause you are the one 

1. Even when everything changes (I won't change) 
just let it be 
my one will need the time 
I have to only wait 

It'll be hard some times, there is always 
a perfect love next to you 
Many things that I can't give you 
you probably have the whole world. 

** I'll only know of you even if my breath ends 
'Cause you are the one 
I won't go through the ordeal of not having you again 
so you'll be able to rest in my embrace 

(Rescue me..yeah..woo..) 

2. Before you left (I didn't know anything) 
The important one to me oh! was only me 
but I've realized now even though it's too late 
I've recognized you, you are one of a love 

Can you please rescue me 
from the pain I've come across 
Living a day that seems like a year 
it's so hard I can't bare it 

** (Repeat) 

(rap) Ya, the perfect man is who I be, 
sittin' on top with ya, but more swifter, 
stronger than your nob liquor, money hoes and clothes 
don't let the clues get ya, they not fear. 

If you ever feel me bluntly in your mind 
when it disappears like the fragrance of morning coffee 
can't you give me the last chance 
start over again 

you probably know how hard it was for me I never left your side (Call me~) 
If you accept me, everything of me will change I want it to be you, want 

** (Repeat) 

(rap) See time don't stop, the crime don't stop, So I won't stop till I'm sittin' on top, 
to every home phone and a cells gets parked, and every hard top get chopped to we drop 

03. Shout
translated by: JiJi from and warghhalv

(Rap) Yo yo known saying what you been down far it 
can't no game compare to my sheet suppose 
to be a joke man it's about time 
we kick some rhyme let's go 

1. It engraved in my heart nobody can see 
but I even looked back to the time of my soul I've hidden only for myself 

I can't figure the shout that lingered in my head but 
What am I say? ( What am I say ) let's get into your situation 

* The shout from the dark that comes from far off 
Do I have to be left in my regret 
Thing not left in my head are the tired notions 
Do you believe in yourself 
so you'll be able to fight off the fear 
How could we stay? 

Thing I've kept up for so long, I can't make it 
the nihility that I couldn't figure, I can't feel it 
throw away the past fearful days 
just for me oh oh oh 

(Rap) So many times bring up the memories 
the big accident, miscalculation of the deed, that's right, for the last time 
hear as me becoming a better person, my changes 
getting bigger and bigger go by the beat 

Even the times passed with no meaning oh! 
even the shout that has tired out 
break away everything fearful 
even your own trust you've kept oh! 
even the loyalty thrown away in the darkness oh! 
(one, two, three) erase it¤Ñ 

* (Repeat) 

The future that I can't predict 
it comes towards me as always 
look up at the sky even your surroundings 
i can't give up everything Never falling, woh¤Ñ 

(Rap) A to man you should see the way I'm gaming these thanks. 
I'm a soldier my points six robber staying your lane. 
Chicks can whip a pill the way I ripp the wheel 
so fast get whip lash when the sheels pill. 
I'm so ghetto but the broad still love me. 
I never fall off my fame never rusty. 
I make the girls stop N srare. The way they chane 
swing back and forth like a rocking chair. 

** The shout from the dark that comes from far off 
Do I have to be left in my regret 
(It's a just a question how I feel inside of heart 
broken down I'm torn apart) 
Do you believe in your self 
so you'll be able to fight off the fright 
(All day everyday it's on N 
on the break of down N a ) 

** (Repeat) 

I could make it shout out of my head

04. Free
translated by: JiJi from and warghhalv

(Narration) One day I wake up, I was with U, the next day, you were gone 

1. With what words do I have to step towards you 
my heart that can only let you go like this 

forgive me oh, my love you don't have to wait 
Don't try to comfort me it's all for you 

** So I'm free I don't wanna let you go now 
Free, I can't say anything 
If you baby not enough forever, I 
So I'm free I don't wanna make you cry now 
free I can't go towards your side, Cry 
If you baby not enough forever, I 
If you baby not enough forever just tonight, tonight 

(Rap) What ever I say to you, get mad. Open my small heart 
Be strong (please) In my foolishness 
I had to be the first to go and grasp you who drifted farther away 
but I couldn't take a hold of you, I shouldn't have let you slip 

(Rap) would you know such feeling trying to play hard 
last night pull up in a black lex'n a yall, 
talking all that live rock never put 
your heart in a flame, I'll just let you go 
I'm a never want again, tell me truthfully, are you happy now 
So when no love strong enough for me 
to be sleeping in where to book a basement 
love don't laugh at no more baby face it 

2. The unforgettable time are still left 
even the littlest memory is the last love 

No other heart no other person Uh- 
I can't trust any longer, I won't let it Uh- 

** (Repeat) 

Where does my heart towards you go 
I can't embrace you anymore who was soft and warm to me 

I can't go back to the times that can't be turned back 
Just come back to me with the heart sincere oh- 

** (Repeat) 

(Narration) All day, Was I dream in? The post is gone, your free... 

05. Fly high

translated by: JiJi (from: lemonjjangoo)

1. Break down the end of suffering that stopped with pain
Passion, the dreams growing by the person with possession
Out side, the sorrows of having nothing
Every person has a different way to go

is this all a fixed faith

*The painful reality that won't let you fly (it chose me)
even though it's hard I can change everything
Some day, the bigger world,
For myself, who will posses everything

(Rap) Let the boys be the man in the back, oh oh
Stop trippin' all the people get it right, oh
It's the game can you deal with the one
unstable mind keep spinnin' in my head, now come on

(Rap) Go head to head on the faith you can't step aside from, That's the man
I won't be buried similar
I know when I'm supposed to stand and where I'm supposed to stand. Watch.

2. Don't stop in the rule of how to remain in this world
Always, If I tame to this world and eventually die
I'll say, My name is a failure
But I can over come

whatever that is keeping me down

**I have nothing to fear (Don't stop me)
The path I've made for myself is everything
I won't trust anyone
Right this moment where I stand

(Rap) Anything, anybody, anyone, ain't nobody
gonna stop me, Can I get it with it yall
between my changed dreams and clogged
What fading away is the finding of my lost self

Why am I left like this yeah-
why do I grow, what I have to do now, anymore

When I'm being tamed without knowing
if I change without knowing
don't forget my dreamed future is falling apart.


06. Endless Love

translated by: JiJi (from: lemonjjangoo)

Ah, Just anybody, lost in the ghetto, just why

(Rap) Deliver this through your audio ghetto n afloso
grow hydro didn't bag enough though price that
longevity suggest make move slow take time
grow 8 react 9 blow hydro slide more like funky
renalo fly ride the shit lookin' wide yo, what

1. If I can't see you anymore, if I can't feel you anymore,
Just so my both eyes and my lips won't remember you any longer,
I'll lock you up, I'll fall into deep sleep
so my still tears and my silence will awake thousands of years later

I'll make you regret who threw me away
The pains you have given me is nothing
because I'll take your soul with me

**Nothing frightens me, the love thrown away
You never do. How could you break it my heart?
The day I wake once again, in my cold embrace
you will also be opening your eyes

2. Your pure white face, your two black eyes,
before it spreads away by the rain water, by my tears
I will catch you, I'll turn everything back
I'll make the flowing time, this moment to stop.

(Rap) Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo!
You don't want to believe I'll be by your side forever
But I won't let you slip yeah, yeah

With out me you're nothing as well
even breathing will become a hassle
remember I'm the one who possesses you


Don't lie... look into my eyes you love me
Please don't leave me


07. Comeback to my life

translated by: JiJi (from: lemonjjangoo)

Come back to my life
I, who's trapped in this maze
Come back to my life

(Rap) In this trapped maze it's definitely blurry also
Let's go Get it on throw it away
Play the dance flow once in a while
Look back to yourself, find your self, don't be the same
Understand it's a true life we live it up
stupidity is you want to do my life is
go head to head on the suffocating truth of the reality and fight
something we do, it's about my life you heard

1. Does this today that seems like yesterday start like always Uh-Uh-
I want to get away (Get off from my life)
Like always am I going to pass this day dull, want to do
I want to get away

My sad shadows that walk alone dreary (Get up)

*Now look back at myself, throw away the mass of fire in my self
Come on stand up oh! why are you waiting?
Now raise your head up, you can't escape
we will now Come back to my life

(Rap) Listen up with your eyes close, listen closely
Get your body swingin' my flow, don't stop
Just gonna be about a my show, it's not the end
The reason why i live

I've come across the darkness in the suffocating reality
yo'll be able to see the bright light
feel the breath in the truth
throw away all the lies and look for yourself

2. When thinking about it, I came around a long way uh-uh-
I'm tired now (Get off from my life)
I've been going around the same path over and over, want to do
I'm going to escape

Come back to my life
we'll find back the dreams we've lost start over again Get up!

**let it fly away in the desolated wind forever
Come on stand up oh! why are you waiting?
agony is not the end it's a new start
we will now ah, ah, ah, ah,


Wah, ah, ah-oh! Wah, ah, ah, ah! Wah, ah, ah-oh! Yeah!
Wah, ah, ah-oh! Wah, ah, ah, ah! Wah, ah, ah-oh! Yeah!

we will now Come back to my life

09. Red Angel

translated by: JiJi (from: lemonjjangoo)

Peace, lie, please, now
ending, so, ending, lie....

To make it fall in love
To make it fall in hell

1. you're hopeless who's trapped in my heart, you don't know the meaning of throwing away or being thrown,
you're pitiful, you can't do anything
three or four hurt, you'll get everyone else, close your eyes, I'll give all of myself to you
the cursed hands

*(no baby please) oh- listen to my story
(angel's two tears) turn aside the unwanted innocent face
the bright light blinding the eyes, the angel praying for you
I love you

**between the angel's warning and your dark temptation, I'm worn down
with this button sun goes into sadness, To make it fall in love

(Rap) Come on, Get on with the groove and I your style
Yo, pump it, break it on down, don't stop break it down

(Rap) From the light that shoots up with no limit,
my life is about a kicks and a beats
yo my word is bond It's been a while
since I seen you shine, know what I mean
picture that has been ruined lighting down on me,
it hardly spreads through one life, stop and complete me, and at last
rock your soul, steady rock yo style
what do you want to hear, put'em get on it


To make it fall in love, To make it fall in hell
I wanna be your side
To make it fall in love, To make in fall in hell
I wanna be your side

everything has ended and you are crying
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, come with me

To make it fall in love, To make it fall in hell
I wanna be your side

10. Last Zone

translated by: JiJi (from: lemonjjangoo)

(Rap) Once again It's on I'm falling in your whispers
Nigga runnin' ledes comin' like that big baby
So lay back and listen as I catch up on my pinpin' and freak
this to wet just like andy it's simple

1. I want to have you, I can't hold myself any longer
the moment you saw me, your gaze shook as well
There won't be any big differences, so open your heart to me
the past doesn't matter, I can't give you up now

*I can't understand any more(you)
leaving me in front of you (how do you)
you're drowned in another thought
Never no never no I can't grasp you

**you fall for me I fall for you
The first time we met, you only looked at me
and hoped to break up with him
you tell me, only tell me
tell me the truth, I can't live giving up any longer
come towards me oh babe

2. I'm slowly falling in your magical whisper
I'm walking on a path I can no longer go back
he who you said you'd take care of soon is probably counting on you as well
you'll feel sorry a bit but I'll let you forget



(Rap) Can you deal with the wide one?
When see comes around, droppin' down
talk to me, show yourself to me

You're not able to tell me, in your uneasy eyes
the tears that flow tells me, asking me to please hold you
turn back this moment hittin' switches,
don't hant ya for your riches
be brave and tell me now fixes yo
I'll forever protect you gazing upon like right now

11. Reason

translated by: JiJi (from: lemonjjangoo)

(Rap) Uh, uh hum yo 23rd after same
I'm a make ya people bounce, to this gonna
Run'em out, what the deal

(Rap)Like water flowing in a river, so the time passed as I waited for you
Everything I made was for you, the lonely space left for you
Nothing can fill that space, it is so empty
Inside my feelings are deep wounds

1. It was love at first sight,
And I don't understand how it could have gone so wrong
I'm okay, I'm happy just knowing I can be by your side
I try to comfort you, and someday you'll see that
If it happens all over again, I'll still live through it

(Rap) Yo! I live with you, I see your pure soul
I'll look after you, and I wanna keep you warm
Even if I die, our love will still go on and on
You can't hide in another world, Take my hand

* Don't leave me, stay by my side always
However much I wish, can you see my feelings?
The things we needed we believed were for eternity
Now the time has come for us to be seen together

**Don't be afraid now
The chance of us being together has not changed
No matter whAt, you'll always be my one and only
You're my destiny
Look only at me, My love
I will never abandon you and leave you
I will look after you for eternity

(Rap) Relax baby let the bell we flow
I don't wanna say, I can't know when I'll see you
How keepin' in the rear view
And it's stopped for a choice, my first choice

2. I fell in love and had so many requests to be fufilled
I would rather die than hear you talk about leaving me
If my destiny was to live without you
That would not be the end, not the end
I wouldn't belive it, and would live on

(Rap) I don't stop
Now my love is nonstop yo!
I can't stop!


I'm not afraid of everything that happened
Everything was my choice
And also my pain
I felt as one with you

Until forever, I want to be with you
Even if I were in another world, I'd still want you
Love which appeared to be broken came together as one
You're my everything
Hold me, My love
You can't even say it to me, as much as you wanna
The only thing I want is you

** Repeat

(Rap) Being with you is like being drugged
When I see you, I know you are more precious than I can express
To me this the an extreme luxury
But without you in the world, there is no reason for me to live
There's a light in the world for me
But I can't see the light