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All translations by: gyoolyrics (unless otherwise stated)

01. HIWAY(Ride With Me)

Rap) Now uh, who wanna ride with me my youthful
expressions my styles don't come cheap got
infinite potential this f-n highway be free
clock my quarter mile speed rip through turnpikes
spit game through two mic's come up for air,
po-po out of sight got radars gunnin' on this
rap phenomenon a hundred miles and runnin
stunnin' on-lookers- wondering hear me comin'

I cant see the end
But is the road that I'm on,
really the road that I want?
I have countless difficulties
And things that must be fought in my reality
I probably wont be able to win over all of them
But i must go on
I have nothing, i believe in nothing
But i have friends that believe me
Help me to get up

*I will run with the wind
I will catch my dreams
You should all know that
no one can fill in for me to meet my fearless self
Making a mircale is in my share

People might believe,
that power and money and
honor can change this world
But thats not right.
The mind of challenge and the trust
and the courage that only the youth can hold.
I have nothing, i believe in nothing
Roots can sprout from the dirt on your hands
I will go my way

**I will laugh with my
sweat and tears that i shed during the
countless time.
I will not regret at the end of this road
Im going to do my best right this moment

Rap) Givin' y'all the best that I got like Anita can't hesitate- for me to make my lines relate
take it upon myself to make it all heartfelt a bless the track with a little light and watch it all melt
a long way from home but found my resting grounds to be at peace

At this moment, Im doing my best
Im going to invest all the meanings
of ever moment.
After 10 years i wont do anything
that i will regret

*Repeat X 2
** Repeat

02. Lost in Love

Yeah that's right, girl you just move on

I love you. I cant hold you. Im sorry
I cant embrace you. Im sorry
I cant be by your side.
To make u stop cryin' Is this the end *2

The words that are left to me
are just scars..
The tears in my eyes are dried up
The thing thats harder then dying,
Are the past times in life

The words that I've kept for a long time
And the poem that I got for you..
Because my love is not enough for you
Im going to leave you without a trace..

*Dont try to go far away from me
(tonight, come inside of me baby)
your image is soaking through my little heart
(I wanna fall asleep holding you tight in my arms)
I can still hear the sound of your breath
(oh baby i cant forget)
Dont try to erase yourself from my heart
(dont try to leave me)

Your small figure that is coming towards me
is giving me love that makes my heart so dizzy
I try to call our your name in the unforgotton memories

The way you look at me
makes me fall into you in one quick moment.
In the endless memories,
I fly to the sky because i cant go through saying goodbye

* Repeat

Rap) One love, One kind One girl, One creep and a One GOD,
One life for One soul All I ever need is one try for the one girl
The fact that the more love, the more pain,
has past me already.
Erase your memories, your smile..
There are no memories now. And that's my word

Amidst the white snow falling outside the window
I'll love with a dream that we'll never part again
Life, its something that cannot be understood
But please let me hold you a final time..
(By the time you realize, Girl you see how it is what I mean to you)

*Dont try to go far away from me
(tonight, come inside of me baby)
your image is soaking through my little heart
(I wanna fall asleep holding you tight in my arms)
I can still hear the sound of your breath
(oh baby why cant you believe in my oh baby)
Dont try to erase yourself from my heart
(dont try to leave me..)

03. Your Wedding

Rap) Hold up, Let's take it from the top hot box Booming System Floshin' pure rocks, in the six drop 4, minute on stop see money lookin' alright yeah what up pop plus the girl throwin' signals I'm throwin' em back flowin' cuz I found you like that, p baby boy style hopin' We match she set me crown royal with a note attached

When i first saw you, I couldnt move a muscle
I couldnt even breath
Why did I have to meet you right now?
Why did I have to meet you
when you are a bride at my brothers wedding?
What am I supposed to do now?

*I saw my long searched dream girl
I cant do anything except to watch
No, im even satisfied with that..
No, I cant. Every moment that i see her
Its a nightmare for me..
But i cant ignore it because she's my first love

I want to turn back time..
Even just a few days..

Do you loving me? and come with me?
Its just like the movie "Graduation"
But i dont have that kind of courage
I cant even congradulate
But i just dream about having you with me Tonight

* Repeat

In my heart, there are feelings that cant be forgiven
Im afraid that im the only one feeling this way

My heart feels like its about to burst
Its at its maximum rate..
There is no other way for me
Even if the one way ends everything for me.

I want to turn back time.. Love me..

She looks at me and laughs
I cant do anything but stand behind her
But im happy with that.
There is no other person that can shake me
like she does oh yeah

I dont think i can stand it any longer
I want to stand next to her
If this momment passes, I cant turn it back
Im going crazy everyday without her knowing

* Repeat

04. Soulmate 

When Im tired of myself,
I find you to calm my heart
After a conversation of this and that
I become better again.

Even after i talked to you alot
Nothing really changed between us
But from some time, I looked at you,
You who is so beautiful.

*I didnt even know that
Im afraid to say that i like you
I might lose a precious friend
My heart is restless.

rap) Im going to tell you soon
It might be awkward
The moment that I've been waiting for has come
I waited all day. Im going crazy
thinking whether or not i should tell you
Just dash. (reload)
This is just the beginning. Uh C'mon bring it on

Sometimes when someone is next to you
My heart gets uneasy for no reason
I wonder if your heart flutters
when you are lonely and you find me

I gather all the little things and i thought.
I think I know something now.
I am next to the one and only girl
that felt so distant from me

* Repeat

What are you thinking?
I hope my heart isnt revealed
(maybe you like me you like me too)
To you who look at me awkwardly...

I'll confess now, I like you
It was so hard to say, i couldnt go to sleep
I hope you'll accept my heart
cause baby you are the biggest part of me
I didnt even know this..
(Yo, That's the way It gots to be
Even though you say we cant be friends anymore)
woo~ I hope you accept my heart
(Yo, This is from the bottom my heart)
cause baby you are the biggest part of me

05. My secret

I couldnt love anything in this world
I couldnt open up to anyone
No one taught me how..
I think you found out my secret
that was hidden inside of me

I want to thank the person
who sent me the miracle
The reason why happiness is full in my life
was sent to me
I want to fly high in the sky with my angel
To find the happiness thats so far away (oh baby)
Wont you come with me? Please allow me to...

You've become so precious to me
Why cant you find me from afar? you cant.
I found you at the end of my long waiting.
I think you found out the truth
that was hidden deep inside of me.

All the people that i've met easily;
in them there was a different honesty from you
Even in the darkness, in the raindrops
You come with a string of light

After I met you everything changed about me
Its busy living day by day
I saw you in my free life
I prayed every night for us to be forever
Even though there might be hard times
forever we stay true
To the person who sent me the miracle,
i hope life will be full of happiness.

I want to fly high in the sky
I'm going to go next to you and tell you
The reason why happiness is full in my life is you
I found you at the end of my long waiting.
I'm going to find you and promise you.
The reason why happiness is full in my life is love
Dont you want to go far away with my
beautiful angel to find happiness?
Please allow me..

06. Deep Sorrow

The darkness comes to me silently
But i want to be her light
I try to catch the setting sunset, but i cant
My girl is afraid of the darkness
Please help me to be the sunlight
to light up this night..

*If only I am by her side,
I can be anything
Her handbag, hankercheif, her warm coat
her lipstick even her shoes..
If only I am by her side
even if I am not a precious thing
I am so happy.
I would even be a street light
if i can only see her walk home..

Rap) Girl You the flyiest 34, 24, 35
her perfect body but she walks the opposite way
I'm a turn back then
I will pick all the stars from the sky for you
I will give you anything you want
When i first saw you...
Even when i closed my eyes I see you

I still think of the things that are missing
I didnt do anything for her..
Even If i had half the world to myself
If shes not next to me, there is no meaning in that..


Tomorrow the sun will rise in the morning
Why? Because she wants it too
There is probably nothing prettier than her smile
(Yes, I pray for her everyday)
But I'll be in pain because she doesnt even know my name
What should i do..

Rap) If only it is by her side, I'll like anything
I like the fact that I can spend the day with you
When its so dark, you cant even see in front of you
C'mon, dont be afraid, I'll be your light
If you think you are alone, look around you
Im a here for you

I can live day by day just by thinking about her
Shes the only one who has my heart and my soul
If only I am by her side I can be anyone
A friend, her father, even her teacher
So I can tell her that I love her


If only I was by her side...

07. Later
translation by: BrianJooS1004 (credits to: warghalv)

Rap) Now honey check it out 
You got me mess around
It's confusing, my thoughts, all of me
Now honey check it out
You got me mess around
First da verse the whos to blame it's on me

About now, passing everything, all the passed days
(It's over now)
At that moment, the thing coming from far away is just my useless hope
(It will leave somehow)
But until now, the only thing that's left 
Is the regret of forgetting you in my heart heading towards you

*The truths you can't find in me, also so many memories (Other truths)
Even if I forget your face, it's too late to turn back

Rap) 1, 2 (check it) 3,4 I'm a get this, in the black skirt navy blue blouses,
I don't care as long as we get it on, bring it on, set it on
Time's up I gots to turn it on

You don't have to try to forget me
I just need time
We're going in opposite directions anyway
Struggle and stamp the ground, we grow further and further

(Don't you know?) I can't hide everything inside of me
Inside of me that I've spare is the living, forever You&I (Love forever)
Everything I do for you
Even if you say you'll come back to me,
Inside my speechless love, I might stop breathing


Your voice felt for the first time
Is now meaningless and has left
But will you stay with me, now that I've erased you?

Uh You can't hide anymore, uh by me again by my side
Uh I can't hold it in baby, come back to me, come back
So many of the past memories you couldn't find in me
Your face I longed to see cannot be turned back

*Repeat x2

08. Gonna Be Alright

Narration) It's alright baby don't feel bad for yourself I'm doing fine

Are you going to leave me, forgotton?
Are you just going to watch..
You said this once, When i dont laugh
You wont look foward to anything ever again..

Are you waiting with open hands?
Are you looking for me..
Or are you just laughing..
Are you believeing that you're not alone?
No..You have to know how it feels like to be truly alone
Its ok to cry a little.

You always lead the way
You never cared about me
These are my bottled up feelings..
When we were together, maybe you were still alone

Narration) Girl please listen to me

Can you feel it when you look high up in the sky?
Do you think you can understand now?
You never see people who are right under your nose
Your plan later is probably regretting
I wonder if you know..

* Repeat

There was a time when you put your makeup on thickly
I knew then, I felt it.
I wonder if I knew that avoiding you
will be better for me now that i know..

Rap)Goodbye..I cant hold on to you any longer
Im sorry. I want to turn back but..
But i think letting you go is better for
the two of us for now..
But when I think of the past days
I grieve for you..
When each day passes by,
It comes right back to me Killing me softly We'll probably remember just the way we felt it
It'll stay like a lie,..

Im alright, Im alright
I'll be hurting for a while but i'll stop
I think about our memories freely..

Narration) Don't worry about me girl I'm gonna be alright

09. Get up

If you say that it is impossible
Then why did you tell me that you loved me long ago?
Before you go, I expect you to turn around and come back
Dont go.

*Even though I chose you and had pain in my heart
I still loved you. I just want you.
Stay in my love. Stay in my love.
Dont go, dont go..

**Get up...Huh Get up....Hey come together.
Get up...Huh Get up....
Get up...Huh Get up....Hey come together.
Get up...Huh Get up...

Is it too late to turn back time..
Too late to turn back our separation?
Are you not ready yet?
Why why, didnt i know?
Uh~ the last moment with you
Is when the tears are flowing, flowing
My honesty has no lies in it
Returning is your change of heart
I chose this determination
I have a small greed because I dont want
to give you to another person


I cant say anything and you're leaving..
Do I have to only grieve forever?
Even though our love stopped, I cant permit that
The whole world seems like its full with you
I believe in you

repeat ** x2

10. missing u

Rap) It's been a one day
When tears fill your soft eyes..
I'm a find you next day,
Even when i wake from my dream and try to find you
I think that you are watching over me somewhere

Your jasmine fragrance
Your radiant smile
Your shy kiss
Your warmth
Your transparent eyes
Your voice that flows in my ear..

I wander ever night in my happy dreams to find you..

*In reality, I cant find you
Even though I think of you tens of thousands of times
I find you in my heart, I remember you
You know I remember you Baby I am missing you

Even though I wander everynight trying to find you
And even though you are far away from me
You're all that I have..
Can't you see it,
Im still waiting..When I was feelin'

Now your faded image
Now your vague smile
The definite grievance..
The season returns..
Now the chilly wind blows around the hazy picture..

All my love goes to you
So watch over me from afar

**The bonds that I made, the pain are all memories
Im forever in the past
Im stuck on the thought that you'll never come back
But if only I was with you..
Baby I am missing you

Each day feels differnt
I wander in my dreams to find you
But i cant forget you
I cant call our your name any more

I wander ever night in my happy dreams to find you..


11. Without You

Narration) Days gone by,
I'm waiting 4 you counting on days, I'm still waiting

It felt like you were going to call
It just felt like that today
So all day I didnt meet anyone
And I stayed home, waiting..

I knew after I waited all night
I knew after I cried for a long time
That now you werent going to call
Waiting is no use now

*Yes I know what it means
That everything ended
That there will be no other times when we will be happy
There is no one I need if you arent by my side
If it is like this, there is no purpose to my life

Narration) There's no one in this world, who can love U, like I do.

The way of talk that only we can understand
The face expressions that you did only for me..
Now is all in the past memories
I try not to think of them now

* Repeat

I cant forgive myself for not being able to hold on to you
And for letting you go

* Repeat X 2

12. 79

Rap) With the sun that tells the time
And with the same sky, the same earth
We dream the same dream and open our eyes together
Even if the glitter in our eyes are different
Our line of vision is the same
My body is going to a mysterious place
The tomorrow that's waiting for me is asleep..
In my mothers embrace take it slow
In the real world..
The things that is more precious then life
are the values of our dreams
When I think of that time a smile comes to my face
My dreams are a step faster then before
As i dream those dreams Im on top of the stage
And as much as the number of sweat beads on my face
I cant count the value of our friendship
We both know the priceless value

*One make it fun baby get on the floor
And Two got you feeling like you down to ride now
This moment you and me (na na na na na na na na)
Three everybody wanna rock tonight
And a Four get you stuff and I'm out to get down
Uh~ Lift up your hands you and me (na na na na)

Rap) Let's have stash keep the heat on a dash
It's simple math front get one of the ass and you laughin' you aware
best believe be askin' at bath cut you know
these finger prints ain't matchin' get at
you and dogg it was bound to
Happen sleep and around and get your push deep
uh bang to this wSeo JungHee blood and creep cuz know I'm only rappin'
for that gangsta

You couldnt understand my methods and my ways
So we always fought and came together
We felt similar feelings, we bonded
My senses changed to yours in a few words (thats all good)
When there are difficulties come to me
I wont laugh and I'll pour you a glass of alcohol
I'll help you acheive your goals
Going through the pain that is now going to come together

* Repeat

**[Everybody we're one you and me come together
Everybody become one Lets go now
na na na na na na na na] x2

Rap) Shout~ make it fun, baby get on a floor,
I feel it now
Wanna get some more one place gimme gimme some more
The world is all the same

Gimme the microphone I'm about to rock some beat
I open my eyes at about A 6 moring, lace's on my sneakers am I
ready to go somebody Tell me can you feel me

* Repeat
** repeat


I cant move when I am in front of you, I cant see anything
I looked so familiar you showed me your faint smile
Your white smile

Even though the person that I left is breathing inside of me
I want to believe its love
I want to believe that i can give my love to you

*I want to stay by your side and look at you only
Even though its hard to start over again oh~yea~
In the painful love that no one knew,
My love for you is growing.
I love you

Sometimes when I see her my heart hurts
So there are times when i shed tears
But now I'll probably forget too
I can forget a one time parting
with you by my side

Its a 2nd time love, and there will be fear in front of us
But its love, now I will swear to you, my love

* Repeat

The love that found me again is growing
I'll promise you, that I'll be with you forever

* Repeat

I cant change anything
I'll love you forever
Even if separation should come again

All translations by: gyoolyrics (unless otherwise stated)