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UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, All translations by: Goro-chan

01. My Life Style

(Rap)Can't stop & we don't stop
Won't stop, I will not stop
Recently I wish that there was no more ignorance
Say my life style

1. It's operation
The sound of my heart beat is distant and weak (Oh no~)
The truth of the world goes on reasonably
I can't refuse my fate (Rewind)

Someone said it, someone decided (Oh why~)
So why does the path end? (Hold me so tight)
All my dream that I remembered
Were blown away without a trace

** Make my lifestyle ah
I can't explain, but the future floats past (I'm afraid~)
A few times I, ah I looked back
As time passes I will recover more. It's now!

(Rap) Yes, it all withered away
Slowly the pain came
My true feelings disappeared
I waited as it faded
All traces of the photo were thrown away, thrown away

2. I lost my faith, I lost the happenings
Time flows through my heart (Oh no~)
Where? Where is it?
Where ais this pain flowing? (Rewind)
Where did someone come from? (So why)
THere is an answer (Tell me the answer)
My fate has already been decided in a dream
The plans have been made, It doesn't become one ~
How much time has passed with my hard tears (one)
Much time has been abandoned as I live my way (Again)
Maybe I can turn it all around

(Rap) Many gruesome long times passed
My lifestyle me wild a make your whole team for feat
I lived by following that colorful flame onwards
Finally Doin' it, Doin' it well it it
Just won't stop
I won't run away from the future from now on
Everything I bump against gets out of my way
I hid away and waited for it
You can't fake this say no more you make met

** (Repeat)

02. I Love You

I loved only you
I knew you were the only one
I dreamt of our future every night
Our small love slowly faded away
In a small way it was insecure, but..

I feel you from today onwards
Know that it is true, only this star is fading

*We can't have our pure love anymore
There can be no more days without you
We start again on the path without anyone
Those days will not come again, I love you

There was a time when we were so happy
Let's go back once upon a time not very long ago
I loved you so sincerely
I wanted to tell you, I wanted to call you
But my heart hurt without you
I wanted to hear you say forever and a day,
We will always be together, there will be no other way

Why is love so hard?
Why does love give so much pain?
I wanted to believe in only you
It seemed so accidental
I am a man when I am with you
Know that we have friendship and love (Please know that)
I begged (For love)

** We can't have our pure love anymore
There can be no more days without you (Please know that)
We start again on the path without anyone (Again)
Those days will not come again, I love you

** (Repeat)

How you like it baby front to back
I'll make you busy hitting switches getting busy in my cadillac
I'll be by your side, You're my~ oh baby girl
Again I am searching for you
On around the world
Learning what I love and lovin' what I learn about you,
No matter what I say I know I couldn't without you,
Also my mind,and my sprit feel good vibe,
When I look into your eyes, my sweetest love

07. Hae kyol sa (The Solver) 
translation credit to: Irene (

Now you're guaranteed to have somebody in your life

Chorus) I can't give up on you till the very end.
Don't hesitate any longer.
So that we never fall again, we must get up.

Rap) How did society become like this.
The life of being guaranteed by anyone is gone.
The emptiness in my pockets lead to the emptiness in my heart.
No one can be trusted, can't concede for anyone
because it's hard enough trying to lead my own life successfully in this world.
Everyone's overflowing with greed

Rap 2) The thought of anyone bowing down to another has disappeared
and they're tightening their hold on your innocent neck.
Without a pulse, everyone is watching the all the elaborate labor of mankind go to waste.
Everything is drowning in the mire of chaos as one.
We need someone- we want a problem solver with tremendous strength

Chorus (repeat)

Bridge Rap) Change everything, cleanly reconstruct everything
so that we no longer are diseased under the power of this age, s
o no one fades away- Get up your soul power be like mine

D. part) Open your firmly closed mind and look out into the world-
that person you see right now is what you were looking for

Chorus (repeat)

Rap 3) Don't just look straight ahead anymore, look around you once in awhile.
What you are living without just might be your pure soul.
Believe in yourself and believe in others.
Don't lose this important thing called humanity and stand up again
never bending dependence- show your noble determination

Outro (repeat beg. Rap)

you never give up, you more passion easy come easy go!
you never give up, you more passion easy come easy go!

15. Maybe

You will know already

**I told you that there can't be a world without you in it
I know a little already
I don't grudge any part of you
You and I will live on

1.It felt like a long time to your heart
I was ready to forget everything you said
Why is only the sound here?
I looked up only the sky and called you

*I can't stop waiting for you to return
How many days did I wait?
For you to return to my heart
I lost you, and only your breath remains


2. I can't be without you
I catch a glimpse of your beauty again
Twice again you left and weren't here
But your expression leaves me with hope



Maybe we are happy
I held the good times of you and me together
I held many of them inside myself
I will protect them until the day we are happy


(Rap)My heart knows that you won't wait
I am not the kind of person who can fix everything perfectly
go it,
My heart knows that maybe you want to be with me once more
You`ll keep me tight
I`m in you, Rise up on your side
Maybe because my love for you

16. Into My Heart

1. Crying and feeling sad alone, I was always lonely
I was always lonely, Part of two in this lonely world
I always need you
I can be seen by your side
Yeah~ Oh girl~ (Don't cry baby)

** And I love you forever, into my heart
I will carry the heavens until you call
I will protect the heavens for you
Don't shed anymore tears

2. Many hours and many days we are together
Now you are here, there is no reason to be afraid
You always wait for me to be by your side
Don't wait anymore for me
Oh yeah~ Oh, girl~ (hold me baby)


Heaven isn't for one person
You weren't sent just to be by my side
Send the heavens (I'm tour man)
I am yours (Don't run away)
Now I have become a part of your story


(Narration) Everyone pay attention now
Cuz we about to say somethin' serious, yo
Look around our hood and tell me what you see, dog
I see some people with some problems
They need our hands, yo
They definitely need our hands
So what are we gonna do now?
With some love caring we present this song to our next generation...

Forever lasting love one can imagine.
Don't ever let it go, always in you heart.
I can see it in your eyes, yes so cleary.
Your love is into my heart.

UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, All translations by: Goro-chan