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01. Let`s Start! (Talk Track)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

Hello, I'm Kim DongWan, the DJ for this Winter Album.
Seeing as Shinhwa has released their new winter album, today on this show let's talk about winter. If you have any stories about winter which you'd like to share, then please call me now.

The phone number here is.. Huh? What, I haven't even said the phone number yet and already someone is calling!

"Oh..we got through! what should we do??"
"Who..who's this?"
"Wait, who are you? If you ask like that, do you think he'll really answer us?"
"Umm, can you tell us where you are calling from?"
"Huh?..What?. How do we answer? If we tell you, are you going to come to our house?"
"Haha, ahh...right now we're talking about winter."
"Merry Christmas.. no? That's not the right answer? Please ask what our names are!"
"Okay.. what are your names?"
"We can't say!"
"Huh!!??..Well anyways.. pardon me, but how old are you?"
"How old? I'm really old."
"Hmm~ are you both friends?"
"Yeah, I'm 8 years older than him.. I'm 40"
"Oh.. anyways, so are you friends now?"
"I'm his big sister."
"So.. are you at home now?"
"Nope.. we're in the car.."
"So.. we're talking about winter how. Do you have any stories to tell us? Anything you'd like to share? "
"We have many things to share!"
"Okay then, don't be silly.."
"Try asking us to share something."
"Ah..okay.. please share a story with us"
"We can't~"
"Okay then~ So you can't tell me your names, you can't tell me your ages, and you can't share any of your stories with us. If that's right, then what can I ask you?"
"Ask us to to mimic someone's voice"
"Oh! Mimicking someone's voice!.."
"Will we get a prize.?"
"That's right..if you're good.. I'll give you a prize"
"I'll give you a mobile phone as a prize."
"I'll give you HyeSung's mobile phone."
"Umm~ that's a bit..."
"Anyway, like I said we'll give you some kind of a prize. So please go ahead and mimic someone"
"We'll mimic someone then"
"The police, the police"
"Who will you mimic?"
"Oh what's that guy's name? I have no idea!!!~~~"
"Well then I'll let your friend have a turn too?"
"Okay.. I'm going to say it.. I don't know either!!!~~ now I feel so embarrassed.. I'm hanging up"
"Wait!... What are your names? Couldn't you just tell us your names?"
"Yeah, I'm Park ChongJae."
"And what about the person next to you?"
"He's Eric"
"Eric and JunJin..hmm.."
"Oh no, now what?.. We told him! ~ ah, let's end it..I'm hanging up"

- tu tu tu tu tu tu tu - {{The sound a phone makes when it hangs up. I don't know how to write that in English!!}}

Huh!.. what kind of people are they.. doing silly, crazy things like that..
Well.. I'm really sorry.. from our first call.. yep.. it kind of started things off badly.. oh, it looks like we have another call.. hopefully this won't be another prank call.

"Where are you calling from? Ooh, your voice is nice and husky.. "
"I'm Lee Sonho from Apkujang-dong."
"Lee Sonho.. ooh, you have a very deep, husky voice. I'd been feeling a little grumpy because I just got a prank call."
"Oh, really?"
"Well today we're talking about our winters..Oh. Sonho, do you have any stories you'd like to share with us?"
"Actually I have a bad memory from winter"
"Oh. a bad memory.. Recently a famous person said something similar.. Well can you tell us about this memory?"
"It was last winter.. I went skiing with some of my friends..But my feet were just so smelly that when I took off my ski boots they fainted.. I took off the boots and tried to do CPR to save them.. but my breath was so smelly too.. So I carried the ski boots and headed to the Emergency department at the hospital.. "
"Hey..hey, I don't understand a word of what you've just been saying! That's it, I'm going to hang up now. okay?"
"No, don't!.. It's killing me all over again.."
"Huh?.. I think you're just being weird, don't you?"
"We're taking it. We're getting it too.."
"Huh?.. that's all I can take.. I'm hanging up.."

- Click - (He hangs up the phone)

Well.. that's all for our phone calls today..
Let's go ahead with our first song..
Music start...


02. Mistake (Song sung by JunJin & Andy)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

Hey~ Can you lead me tonight baby~ to this place

The darkness of night is approaching
Will you feel my sadness too?
When did the tale of me and love begin?
Its a lie that you are going to another man's arms
I love you but I'm too shy to admit it
You don't seem to need me
I am nothing to you
You don't even know that you're missing out on my love in your life
I will show you I will forget about your lies

I know if you go (away)
I don't want you if you leave me
I'd rather we broke up than that (yeah)
You know if you go (away) you will regret it
Now you are happy
Don't misunderstand it
You will be miserable

Rap) Uh~ my mistake, uh come to dislike, what? You're going away?

You lied to me this time, who will you cheat on next?
You and I can't be a couple anymore
Yes, I know that in my heart
You are a woman and I guess I'll have to live with that
I will let you go
You drive me crazy and make me feel so mixed-up

* Repeat

Rap) I will find you looking at me
My last love is drawing nearer to me
It is more sincere
It is more pure
Your life would be different without my love
You won't know it, you'll just laugh at me
But give it some thought
No matter how poor you may seem,
Love shows on your face
And in the happiness in someone's eyes

* Repeat

03. I Love You (Talk Track)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

I guess its our busy activities that made us seem so far away
Now I am not any different than other ordinary kids
Yeah, so what if our TV is so big we can see it from anywhere
I'm what you would call an orphan who has been transformed into a star

Success will surely come if you practice enough
Everyday we practiced tens of times, no hundreds of times, to get it just right

And we looked forward to going on stage and performing for the first time
Seeing all those eyes gazing up at us made us so nervous
And we didn't know how time would treat us

But people slowly started paying more attention to us
And they got excited about our music and our dancing, and shouted out "Shinhwa!"

And so many people gave us their love
We feel so overwhelmed by this mysterious tingling and excitement which we can't put a finger on

The truth is that I've been through some hard times
Both personally and as a member of Shinhwa
There have been many moments when I've wanted to give up and run away

Am I really doing the right thing?
Many nights I lay awake worrying about everything

But those worries seemed big enough to convince me
That I didn't know it, but that as Shinhwa we had built a fence around ourselves
The fact is that as long as I'm alive
This one fence will always be there to protect me

And to all the fans who believed in me and encouraged me from the start
Now I know the true meaning of happiness
Those sincere souls themselves make me smile and make me feel happy

Today I've been reminising and doesn't it seem that I've had such a strange life?
It seems like our members are sometimes flattered and other times terribly abused
But we are honest about our lost chances and mistakes

And now last of all I have something very important I'd like to say:
It is our members who guide Shinhwa
And it is our fans that make Shinhwa exist
And we just want to say this to all of you:
I love you!

04. The Days (Song sung by HyeSung & MinWoo)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

Woo~ oh~ye

I liked her in the first white snow
But lately I've seen a sadness in my eyes
And I kind of want her to look that way too
Oh I say I love her
But she closed her eyes so that I couldn't see her tears
And that was how we ended it

Now I can't wipe the tears from her eyes
It was all my mistake, mine

It's my story of the days,
Memories of us
I'm looking for those things that have left me
Just like that, just like that we broke up
If you remember the white winter too
If you feel the same pain I do
It's in the memories that I just can't seem to get out of my mind
We gonna stay be there forever you and me

I'm walking this long road with her
Lately she hasn't been mine
But I'll try to win her back before she reaches the finish line
But this road just keep getting longer

* Repeat

I'm sorry that I didn't know you were in pain
I was such a fool
(You cried over me)
Now I know that about those tears you shed for me
In your eyes oh~

* Repeat

05. Young Gunz (Song sung by Shinhwa)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

Intro by Eric) New York to Seoul, This is The Rock DJ so C`MON

Rap JunJin)
When I can't see an inch in front of myself
I know that I can't live alone
The road ahead looks so desolate and lonely
But I know I am not alone
When I look up into the clear blue sky I see my sorrow, suffering and my future
I won't be apart from that anymore
This is the beginning and it will never end

I know even if you're not always near me
Whenever times are tough for me
I can feel it, there will be no end for us
Ever Lasting Friendship in my life

Rap Eric)
You're a good guy, I knew from the moment I met you
You drink with me in the hard times
The world can be dull but that's a fact of life
Yo Yo, if I miss the beat, then what?
If I miss my chance, then what?
If I fail at what I do, then what?
My childhood friend, Man, I Got You

I know even if you're not always near me
Whenever times are tough for me
I can feel it, there will be no end for us
Ever Lasting Friendship in my Life

Rap Andy)
You Got A Problem Come And Talk To me
You Got A Problem Come and Talk To Me Yeah
You Got A Problem Come And Talk To me
You Got A Problem Come and Talk To Me Yeah

I'll try to help you with everything; your darkness, your problems
And together we'll face the world, half laughing, half crying Yo

Narration Eric)
What I'm Trying to say is that friendship and love is all we got know
Know what I'm saying? I'm not faking Out Here
I'm not Trying to be Mr. Nice Guy
I'm just me, Yo Look Around You
Who's Your Real Partner and Who's not?
Who's Gonna Cry with you?
Who's Gonna Laugh with you when you Happy?
And Who's not? UH

I don't care, I know there is nothing to lose
I'll just keep looking ahead
Time may pass but we know this'll last our whole life
Ever Lasting Friendship in my Life

06. ChinGoo [Friends] (Talk Track)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

Its just about bedtime but I'd like to introduce something that matters to everyone.
Um, this is something which I noticed on Shinhwa's homepage.
Um, its a message that I chose to read written bya girl who attends junior high school.
It impressed me so much that I wanted to record it in this album.
Go to sleep after hearing about this unfortunate hero.
And I hope we can meet again.
Let me introduce that letter now....

" Hello.

I am a third grader specialising in music at Seoul's YoungGok Junior High School and my name is Kim Ayoung.
I have a friend who is very special to me.
I'm writing this hoping it will help this friend somehow.
Let me start my story now.

Our school is for people with anemia and this friend of mine has a kind of blood cancer (Leukemia).
This friend isn't in the same class as me, but
I couldn't help but see what a small, dark pitiful thing she is.
This friend is absent from school at the moment as she is undergoing treatment for cancer at the hospital.
If she doesn't get a bone marrow transplant she will die.
But the process of searching for a new bone marrow is very complicated and difficult.
If she can't find a matching bone marrow in this country she has to search for donors from abroad.
Finally she found a person in Japan who is a match for her bone marrow.
But the joy was short lived.
But the heart breaking thing is that finally because it had taken too much time she lost the chance to have this marrow transplant.
And so this friend keeps undergoing painful cancer treatment again and again.
She still refuses to give up hope and continues to undergo the cancer treatment and eagerly awaits a bone marrow transplant.

This friend's name is Kang Sejin.
Sejin's famliy conditions are not good either.
Sejin's father passed away 5 years ago from malnutrition.
She is left with her mother who works in a dining room
Sejin's room is very run-down and dingy and is actually just a un-used dining room.
Sejin's condition is truly heart-breaking.

I sincerely want to do something to help Sejin.
Though I am not in a position to do anything for Sejin,
I also don't want to be separated from my friend whom I am so close to.
We all pray that Sejin recovers quickly and can come back to us soon.
After I graduate I want to be able to go to high school,
And see Sejin's healthy face while she was in the 3rd grade of junior high school with me.
I'd like it if you Shinhwa members could help pay a little bit of Sejin's hospital fees.
I'm sure it would really help Sejin out.
Please, I beg you.
I hope I can collect donations to help Sejin receive a bone marrow transplant
And put her on the road to recovery as soon as possible..

07. Nan (Song sung by Hyesung)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

I want to say I'm sorry you're leaving me
I've been trying to ignore that coldness in your gaze
Please let me ask you if it is all over
Why are you leaving me?

Because I really loved you..and I came to believe in you
So I don't need to go back to any of those things I couldn't do (oh~)

I, I am really a fool
I can't hold you once more
I can't even imagine being without you
Just you beside me, never knowing anything before you
I'm more afraid of tomorrow without you than I am of today

In my photos I'm smiling at our "couple rings"
I hated the way you were so expressionless
I can't seem to make your anger turn to smiles
And I can't seem to make you change your mind..

Because I really loved you..and I came to believe in you
So I don't need to go back to any of those things I couldn't do..(ye)

* Repeat

You know me better than anyone, don't you?
I am the only thing you don't have now

(oh) Just the things I couldn't do well
Just the things that are hard on you
Why do they keep hurting? (woo~oh)

I can't show you that I can't forget you
I can't let go of that hand of your which is holding mine
Because I still love you, because you are the one for me
Please be beside me like you are now

oh, by my side, oh I...

08. DongWan-ye SangShik [DongWan's Wisdom] (Talk Track)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

DongWan - Wnter Sory with Shinhwa...
Please listen to this short speech

DongWan - The truth is we were afraid of our manager
Then as time went by our member's attitudes have changed
Some times we are the coolest guys around
Some days we don't have a hit
The truth just makes me laugh

So, this is my face as I'm laying out my plans
I want to do a cool CF (commercial)
I'm appearing in fashion shows
I'm singing sweet songs too
It'll be good if I can pay careful attention to all these things
This was Shinhwa's member, Kim Dong Wan
Let's learn from Shinhwa's wisdom

- Good Enter dot com -

09. Negapass (Talk Track)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

uh hu~uh hu~
Let the rapping begin, oh yeah!
Someone to show our wisdom
Andy was hurt~
uh hu yeah

I was a hit!
A big hit in South Korea (so suddenly!)
In my heart I'm really Jong PilGyo! Gyo!
What am I doing now?
I'm progressing as a rapper again
uh -hu uh-hu

Watch out for me and my rivals, ah, I was a hit! x3

Because I had a hit so fast that's different, hu!

[ Goro-chan's SIDENOTE: Sorry but this is a bit of a bad translation as I have no idea what he is talking about sometimes! There doesn't seem to be much flow to what he's talking about! It starts off okay, then he seems to get caught up in his memories and forget that he has an audience who doesn't know all the back-ground details to what he's talking about!! Basically he seems obsessed with sleeping and hot springs! Oh and there were two parts that I don't get at all so I put my own comments in there - the LAFA and Thomas parts ]


10. Tansaeng [Birth] (Talk Track)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

I was the first to join, and after that Andy came, right?
Just after Andy was cast he came into the practice room...
And I saw Hyesung in the practice room
A week after I came, Andy came along. Then next Eric also came that week.
At the same time that they came I had to have acupuncture on my ankle which I had injured... that time I couldn't play until the treatment on my ankle was over...

All of us, Eric and Andy and me, the three of us were LAFA West LA...LAFA. hee hee hee {{What in the world is LAFA??? Los Angeles Fobs Anonymous???}}

Then after that Minwoo came to settle with us too.
And Jin and Dongwan joined us in winter.

At that time Jin was the only one who could do 3 rounds with Thomas. {{I have no idea what "Thomas" is but I guess it could be their dance trainer or the name of a dance move???}}
Eric could practice it in just 2 rounds.
And that made us determined to try even harder.
Because we knew that we'd all have to be able to do it... So after heaps and heaps of practice, by the 3rd round we'd somehow succeeded.
I knew we should be experts at dancing.
And I hated that the most. Being made to break dance and stuff...but I couldn't do any of it!
Ha ha ha~

Do you remember how we went to that Chinese place together with Minwoo, and *beep* and *beep*?
Ah...after eating beef Minwoo and *beep* would dance for hours. After that he'd say "Eric, look at me!"
Ha ha ha~

We'd go and eat sweet and sour pork.
Minwoo would do an impersonation of our manager and we'd all have a great time.
That was how we spent our days, wasn't it? Then early in the morning we would have a recording session..
Ah...I wonder if it should have bothered us?
I shouldn't say this, but when we went to the hot spring resort for singing practice, we would sit in the corner and read comic books instead! Ha ha ha~

I slept.

I knew that we needed to practice dilligently to achieve our dreams. Ah..we did it so eagerly and energetically...
It got to me many times.
Then I got up at 6. And somehow Minwoo managed it too. Then we went to the hot spring and we'd all be dressed in the same style: totally sloppy exercise clothes. And we'd go around looking for an empty place. Ha ha ha~
It was really hard to find a place. But I would search and search and finally find a place to lie down, and then I'd say, "I'm not doing any exercise~!".
And the others would come over too and say, "Hey, hurry up and sleep~!".

No matter how tough it was, Eric and Andy and I put in so much effort during those months.
And then this is true, the three of us would go to a spring resort for vocal training, and yell out 'Ohhh~!'
And then I'd fall asleep straight away.
And when we went home we'd take some water from the hot spring with us. Because we didn't have any proof that we'd gone otherwise!
So we would splash water on our clothes like kids we would say, "I'm off then~!". That made me laugh a lot!

11. Love Letter (Song sung by Eric)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

You went and broke my heart
I am as I am, haha
I'm not tainted by drink, in fact I'm spotless
The truth is.. these tensions are complete
My Minbong {{Minwoo's nickname}} is good
Dongwan's good, JunJin's good, Andy's good
Lovable Eric is good, isn't he?
Shinhwa is good too as a team
Our intentions are good too
Hyesung *ahem* {{cough cough}}

The Love Letter goes out like this
One, two
My heart seems to have dried all the raindrops inside
The ink in my pen is dry too
So I set my pencil down to write, one, two....
You are older brothers to me, as I am your younger brother
If you are my fan, I am your star
Whenever you are, you're a part of me

Get the funk out Hey yo what happen
I eat jajangmyon (noodles) and Backspin 100 times back around
In my heart the latest song is always HipHop
At times when work is boring Tictac flows x3
The passing time is calling x3
Calling out to say its coming x3
Hip-hop is in my soul and takes the place of my One love

You went and broke my heart
I hoped you'd turn around and come back again
Late at night I phoned you for no reason
I feel like I can't love again
Being left alone has broken my heart
I feel so lonely and have so much anxiety

I'm so worried, QUE PASA, that's the way it seems
I'm a man, I'm running away from reason
If you're my girl, then I can go on for longer
Whenever someone sees you as a picture or just as a piece of paper
Then bite on this! My hip-hop game is going well!
I am OUT rather than IN
And you'll see my outward appearance from the inside
HipHops got a soul yo that's right and it's gotta going on yo
What should I do how should I be?
"May you be in God's good grace
May all the things I wish for you come true" x2

At first I was so badly hurt, UH
I'm just putting on an act as you know
After several days pass I'm okay
I'm a nut-case, but after time passes surely I'll be alright
Breakups come this way and that way
But if it seems like we're going to break up then take a look around
Life's half over before you know it
When you don't need it, when you can't find it at all then ...

You went and broke my heart
I hoped you'd turn around and come back again
Late at night I phoned you for no reason
I feel like I can't love again
Being left alone has broken my heart
I feel so lonely and have so much anxiety

You went and broke my heart
I'm running away from reason
You went and broke my heart
If you're my girl, then I can go on for longer
You went and broke my heart
May you be in God's good grace
Being left alone has broken my heart
May all the things I wish for you come true

12. GoBaek I [Confession I] (Talk Track)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

So, we've been active for 6 years now and during that time we've performed
countless times. Isn't that right?
I remember what we were doing during the "Eusha Eusha" days, and since then
there really have been so many good memories -

The guerilla concert was the most cool.
I honestly couldn't say anything at that time, but we just wanted to hug all
our fans as we were hugging each other and crying together.
Jin cried so much then, didn't he?
We all cried. You and us...

Then when we had the concert in Yongsang last week you came to see us.
No matter which way you look at it, its now been 6 years since we started
And in fact so much has happened
Now we can look back at those times...
There has been so much going on
But if you look at it is seems so...hmmm...
6 years plus the training time...I guess its really been a long time
During that time it was just a little something, it was nothing..
It seems to be bigger than us, it still is to some extent.. that time I, we had a fan meeting, right?
Just before that event I truly felt worried. My heart was beating fast and I
felt really nervous.
Would there still be people who thought that we had practiced this much for
What would people think of us?
Could we do it within a year?  It didn't even take a year~
During that year..what should I say?
To Andy that one year must have felt like a decade!
But it was a big time for us
I think the first time I smiled at that time was when "First Love" became a
big hit.
We gave each other a big hug.

At first I didn't know how to help Andy during that year.
But I think it helped when he watched us perform on stage then.
Why is Andy such an important part of me?  Because I love him.
He seems to be so cute that way.
When he's singing he's like a little girl who you just want to kiss, if you
know what I mean?
He seems to be working so hard....

I think of the other members first, and even now I still think of them when
I am hurting.
Or when I'm confused.
Then I know that I'm not the only one feeling that way.
Sometimes I really worried that I would wake up and find myself alone.
That this situation was really just a lie...
But our members are always there for each other.
And I've had so many wonderful things from them.
And just like a movie the images of the other members quickly flash through
my head.
Even when I'm hurting I think so much about other people who are there for

Now we are all performing together again.
And when Andy and me were on the photo shoot set..
We kept stealing glances at each other to see what the other one was doing !
At such times I had so many mixed feelings

Like a fan I watched TV to see what was happening to the others.
Minwoo came out, Dongwan came out, Hyesung came out as a member of S...
It was so interesting to watch.
And I watched them all carefully...
And even though you may not be able to see it, I could feel the love that
all our members really have for each other.

In the old days, when Jin was hurt, then I could feel it.
When one of us is hurt, or something bad happens to one of us.
Then we would all feel sad.
We'd all be down.
But we all knew that it would heal and that we'd be back to work soon.
And there's been days like those when I've wanted someone.
I've cried and been so sad.

Then there was the time when I was really been badly hurt...
At first I was rushed to the emergency department at the hospital.
The doctors managed to stop the blood which was flowing from my head injury,
but it was a very critical situation!

Tonight you've listened to me talking about all the tough times we've had.
I honestly felt so empty inside then.
And it seemed like rain was falling around me like tears.
Hmmm~ I just cried so much then
I cried a lot, after that will everything be okay?
Will good luck come our way?
At those time I cried.

If I were to think about it, I really wonder what Jin is.
What makes him tick?
What can I say now when I know that you can't answer me
But I guess that's just the way things are, so I'm off now.....

13. GoBaek II [Confession II] (Talk Track)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

Wow, there's been so many kinds of things which have happened!

During these 6 years, I've had some of the toughest times.
And we've shared all the important times with all 6 members together.
We've had fun and made each other laugh.
Also when we've had serious days, we've drunk togther..
We've always been together like that..
And then nothing could beat us..

Also we seem to have many of the same feelings.

Although we've each been aware that we are each individuals,

It seems that we've had so many feelings, but there's some things we won't forget.
Because of our fans!
Because of all the people who support us.

So many things have gone so well for us
We eagerly did all we could..
At the bottom, towards the top, we weren't ever really at the bottom...
In front of us there is always more

Then all at once things happened...
Minwoo probably understands these feelings too
We can't remain as kids forever so he decided to go it alone and be active as a solo artist.
For me it was the same, I wasn't performing as a member of Shinhwa, nor was
I a solo artist, instead I was a member of S...
Anyhow I chose to stand up on stage without the other Shinhwa members..and S
was the first for me
From among you first I was really aware of all the extra energy
that was needed to do something new
How would our fans react to our new group? time went by we got some..such..ummm..
The fans came to our performances..each time..truly..each person who came
seemed to be a part of the work I was doing just by being there for me.
The fans really came..when I am a part of Shinhwa too..always the fans would
They give me the strength to perform, and without them I probably couldn't
do it!
But I didn't get that feeling, but...what I was really feeling was so real.
And when I was alone I wan't just one-sixth of a group..
I wasn't just one of six, nor one of ten, nor one of 12, nor one of 20...

Some days I used to often vaguely wonder what it would be like to be a solo
To not be a part of the six members..
I thought about that, but..

No way!

That's right, there's no way!
This sometimes happens, but there's our friends (fans) who like an
individual member
The friends who really like Minwoo
Or the friends who really like you flock together and show their faces,..
But we are all the same when it comes to performing on the stage

We could worry about the things we didn't achieve and be unsatisified
But rather than thinking that way...
Although we are a group, we are also each active personally.. doing the work
we want to do each day..
However when we are united together we are the strongest force there is!

It is only at those times..
When I want to do it as an individual..then what?
Many things don't come as easily, then I'm hurting inside..
When we are together as Shinhwa we truly are united as one,,..
@#%@#$@#$!@$ (Can't hear what he says at this part,,^^;)

Until now we've been under a different music label and company.. we've moved
to a new place
We're united in our loyalty.. until the end we'll be loyal..
And we'll give back as good as what we got.. we've always done that..
With a new album, with new music, with a new style.  We'll pay you all back
with that.
And what..when you think about it..we have been together for a long time now
And I hope that we stay together united as one..

(All together)
One, two, three Yeah!!!!

14. Thank You (Song sung by Shinhwa)
translation by: Goro-chan (also credit:

Thank you, this song is for my friend

HyeSung) In my life, I'll forget about the tears and scars the world has given me

MinWoo) When you reach out and take my hand
You pull me from the dark room of my memories

DongWan) One more time, you pull me closer to the light
You understand just by looking at me what I am feeling in my soul

Thank you for you love, you're the only one for me
MinWoo) Your soul is warmer than the hot sun
HyeSung) Don't forget this one name which will last forever
Woo~~ my friend

rap Eric)
From one to ten, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes
You give me this special feeling all over
When everything seems to be just talk, I won't change
Take my hand and hold on tight
If times are tough we'll get through them together
Everbody wanna know what your problem is
How good it is to be just one
Friendship never changes, can't you see?
Remember when we first met?
You've hardly changed a bit
You fly freely in the sky

* Repeat

Andy) Days pass faster than we can keep up with..
We'll triumph over ever new challenge that comes our way
You're stuck inside my soul..

DongWan) No matter what hardships we may face
We'll face them all togetherHyeSung) We'll do it together

Thank you for you love but it oh in one for me

MinWoo) You let me fly higher than I could alone
HyeSung) I think this is a gift the world has given us
MinWoo) Together forever, my friend...



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